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High WASPs and Preppies

Another thing I do on the Internet to ignore the DP (death problem) is to look at things other bloggers post. They are pretty good at this. They find cool things. However, sometimes this blog world causes me consternation. Causes me anxiety due to shifting understanding of the world. For example, it has come to […]

Ironic Wine Charms

At the lovely and famous blog, design*sponge, they showed this DIY project today. Making wine charms, you know, so no one else drinks your Pinot. So pretty. However. At this point in my life I do NOT need my wine glass to look any prettier. It looks pretty enough already. It calls to me. Here […]

The Sunday before Obama’s Inauguration I was lying…

The Sunday before Obama’s inauguration I was lying on my sofa, watching TV. Eventually the President-elect came out to give a speech. It was pretty short. Halfway through the speech, I noticed there was a tear in one of my eyes. I am not a political person per se. I vote, but out of duty […]

Celebrity Dressing For 52-Year Old Women?

Even though I have to die some day, I like to spend my life on highly trivial activities. For example. Looking at celebrities in dress up clothes. When I was little, my mother would give us all her old nightgowns and bathrobes, which were really I suppose peignoirs, and we kept them in a hamper […]


It has been raining here in Northern California. For those of you unfamiliar with California you might be surprised that we notice the nature of our rain. Those who believe we have no seasons perhaps are not so sensitized as we are to the different rains, or for that matter the different shades of profoundly […]

The Real Issue

I think the real issue here is that I can’t stand it that I have to die some day. This has bothered me in one way or another since I was about 12 years old. I remember very vividly lying on my father and mother’s bed – they were still married at the time – […]

Valentine’s Day

Here is an interesting if fairly useless fact. High WASPs make their own valentines. They start with one of these. Then add this paired with this: To make these: Made by self on PowerPoint(R) since that’ s all I know. Then you can add a sprinkling of this: And that’s pretty much it. Writing […]

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