It has been raining here in Northern California. For those of you unfamiliar with California you might be surprised that we notice the nature of our rain. Those who believe we have no seasons perhaps are not so sensitized as we are to the different rains, or for that matter the different shades of profoundly blue sky.

These days it’s fruit rain. Fat, wet rain drops with heft. If this rain were fruit it would be melons that knock hollow, or red grapes that burst when bitten, or strawberries you can smell all the way across the fruit aisle into the vegetables. The technical term is Pineapple Express, since the rain sweeps in water all the way from the Hawaiian islands. But pineapples aren’t juicy enough for me.

When the sun breaks through, as it’s doing right now, it is quite surprising.

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One Comment

  • Ahhhh! Fresh, sweet pineapples are soooo running-down-your-face juicy! Bursting in your mouth like the grapes you describe… Maybe you’ve never had one at it’s peak? Don’t give up on them! :)

    ps. I’m enjoying your blog. I really had no idea about all this “WASP culture” other than a basic intuition about how to dress corporate-appropriate. Such interesting stuff and your presentation makes it most enjoyable.