5 Things To Watch Out For In High WASPism

What To Watch Out For With Those Tricky High WASPs

1. Colonialism. Exploiting other creatures, i.e. using their capacity without fair recompense, is never good behavior.

2. Disdain and contempt. Except for shoes. I am OK with contempt for others’ shoes. And maybe purses. Oh and some kinds of wallpaper. And since this is High WASPism we don’t have to worry about any pointing.

3. Eating disorders. Yeah, we pretty much invented anorexia and bulemia.

4. Hysteria. Of the Victorian kind.

5. Inability to sob if it looks undignified.

One could also argue that Wall Street is another thing that of late has been bad about High WASPism. I would posit that the people behaving badly in the Financial District – no matter what their background or socioeconomic category – were just plain greedy and every living person should watch out for that. Greed is not one of the Seven Deadly Sins for nothing.

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  • I like this about disdain for wallpaper. I would like to write a book and call it “Disdain for Wallpaper.” Except that I really like some kinds. Hm. Maybe someone else should write the book.

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