High WASP Wedding – Cape Cod

Because there’s only so much analysis that’s worth doing.
Images from upper left: areohome, via Mighty Haus, Inspirations & Creations, Bride’s Guide, Pingg.com, Snippet & Ink, Weddings Fresh, Project Wedding, (eek don’t know on the cute bridesmaid), Brides

High WASPs love Cape Cod. My mother’s family had a house in Wianno on the beach. I went there as a kid and played wiffleball with my father. My mother played softball with the Kennedy’s in Hyannisport when she was young. She said Teddy cheated. But she is still a lifelong Democrat.
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  • 11/11/09
    12:27 pm


    Mouse said...

    Ha ha ha. I was reading through your weddings back-issues, and this just tickles me.

  • 11/11/09
    12:46 pm


    LPC said...

    Hi my favorite mouse. I'm really enjoying riding along with your wedding planning. Now that Meg and Muffy are done:).

  • 03/10/13
    3:50 am


    Annie said...

    It was much more than cheating … he was a raging misogynist who used prostitutes until his death. There are also rumors that he was responsible for that poor girl who drowned. JFK was also a misogynist, as was his father and his father’s father. There was a lot of sickness in the Kennedy men. Robert was one of the more sane ones.

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