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Old Lady Hair

I know I said it was old lady hands that made me wince at my own mortality. But at least my hands still do what I want them to do. It’s my old lady hair that I need to speak to. Very, very strictly. When I was young I had blonde hair that hung down […]

High WASP = Money

flickr Was I High WASP with my children about money? In how much I had? In my attitude towards it? In what I tried to teach them? My first reaction is to say no, simply because I haven’t had the quantities that I grew up with. But I think that’s wrong. I had money. Enough […]

Does It Pass Down To The Children? The WASP Part.

I’ve been asked did I pass my High WASP core down to my children. Complex question. I have been wondering that myself, since this blog has made me think about High WASPs in a way I never did before. Much of what I say in these posts I am only now understanding. I open my […]

Sunday at Dad’s

It’s Sunday. Temperatures are predicted to reach 90 degrees. The siblings, those of us in Northern California, are going to Dad’s house for lunch. Where we will sit on the deck and eat something probably involving a lot of vegetables and perhaps some grilled chicken. We will drink Perrier most likely although someone might have […]

Saturday Morning at 10:06am

My daughter has been in a dance group at Princeton for several years. This semester, given the demands of her senior thesis, she decided not to perform. But she did choreograph one dance. And the music? A synthesizer piece composed by none other than her little brother. (*maternal pride and a good deal of sentiment*). […]

High WASP Wedding – Country Club

Bride: Brideshead Revisited. Accoutrements from upper left: Sugar Plum, Flickr, Wedding Graffiti, Style Me Pretty, Artfool, Flickr, Menlo Circus Club, Lynn Lugo, Lemontree, Weddings Unveiled Frequently High WASPs get married at country clubs. The photos here are in part from the Menlo Circus Club, a long-established club in my neighborhood. When we were little, we […]

Fierce at 50, When You Are 20 Or 30

Once you hit 50 there’s only so much you have to work with in the fierce department. Those with inordinate style can just push forward as is. You know the ones. They own the perfect necklace from Uganda. Or the Lily Pulitzer shift dress that shows off their tennis-toned arms. Style comes in all political […]

The Knife of Covetousness

I would not want to return to the days of my grandparents. But unfortunately, I am not a simple soul content with the good earth. Even with a push mower. I covet things. I covet thing so much some times it makes my fingernails hurt. I get a longing in my gut. For things. For […]

My Family’s Houses

My several grandparents lived in several places. In a 12-room apartment in a Park Avenue building that’s oddly famous for having had an actual book written about it. In what I can only call an estate, in New Jersey, which has since been converted into a country club, a golf course, a housing development, and […]

Cozies Redeemed. Barely.

I have trouble with cozies, crocheted and knitted covers for things that have no need of warmth. I saw this here. I felt my blood pressure rise. Have they no mercy? I am haunted by visions of my future as an increasingly angry old woman, muttering bitterly to herself amidst peeling paint on the front […]

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