When Does It End?

I was driving to a customer meeting this morning. The sky was not so blue as usual. Jet contrails scudded across the upper sky. The lower sky verged on white. This made me want to cry. Then I passed under an iron bridge. It was so beautiful I caught my breath. You’d think I’d be done with such nonsense by this point. By this point in the process of being alive and then eventually dying.

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  • In the intensity of truly noticing, you’re more alive than anyone on the planet. I don’t think that’s nonsense, I think it’s the opposite of borrowing death.

  • These things happen to me too. I used to think it was a weakness; as a child, they called me “too sensitive.” But it’s a wonderful thing to be where you be and see things and not quite be able to breathe. A wonderful and horrible thing. I think I love my life more because of the dust, because something’s always whispering “Remember. Remember you are dust.”

  • …and I thought it was just me….

    9:28 pm
    Danielle said...

    me too!

  • I’m so glad that you’re not done with noticing the beauty in the everyday. Please don’t ever be done.