Rapture. Toes.

Sometimes as I drive up 101 on the way to work I am seized by rapture. I find life to be a blinding light at which we can rarely bear to look.

Sometimes I think about whether I can afford a pedicure and if so whether I should have my toes painted blatant or demure pink.

Humanity. What to do about it?

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  • I thought I was the only remaining woman who couldn’t handle blue painted toenails…I can’ manage to det much darker than a light mauve or it looks too harsh. My 5 year old daughter is contantly clamoring to get past the demure, little girl pinks to the “darker, mommy colors.” Little does she know, mommy can’t seem to pull those off very well. Hmmm…

  • Either one works, believe it or not Miss Privilege, we think both colors would be cool!

  • Oh, the dichotomy!

    As for nails – whenever I get blatant pink I feel as if I temporarily forgot that I am NOT a back-up dancer for the Miami Sound Machine.

  • Yes, yes, yes. As pink as you want. And in SF, pedicures are an affordable $15! Here, they are $30, which is odd in a way because SF is so much more expensive than Milwaukee, but then, there is far less competition among nail salons here.

  • I always opt for either: demure, ballerina pink, a gorgeous coral, or a rich red. I tend to favor the demur pink. You can never offend anyone with a demure pink, and it goes with everything. Oh, and I can’t stand pedicures. I always do them myself.

  • “You can never offend anyone with a demure pink”

    But isn’t that the beauty of reaching A Certain Age? Who care if anyone is offended by one’s pedicure? LET THEM BE OFFENDED, I SAY!! Get the pink, put on a big red hat, pour a martini and light a cigarette. Then vote Republican. That will really rock the world of the people around you and make them forget all about your offensive pedicure. :)

  • I can do blatant pink toes. I have very little backup dancer about me natively. I can do a martini. As for cigarettes and Republicanism as a form of rebellion someone else will need to carry those flags. But I always applaud audacity. I guess with the rapture I am on my own. Just don’t drive too near my car.

  • I believe it is always easier to consider the state of humanity when one’s toenails are a peaceful yet compelling shade of pink.

  • Is this your “Do I dare eat a peach?” moment?

  • Navy suits and pink toes and existential questioning whilst driving to work? I think you are my new hero.

  • Lisa,
    I know this is another personal topic, but I would be very interested in your thoughts about how you realized you are agnostic. Would you ever post on this? I feel the same and it is difficult for me to explain to others.

  • I posted this in the wrong area of your blog. Sorry.

    7:29 am
    Lisa said...

    Luckily I see all the comments! I will have to really gird my loins to post about why I do not believe in God. Because people are so committed to their beliefs that atheism is one of those things that feels like a personal attack to many. Which will mean I will get skewered, and my capacity to absorb skewering is limited:). Maybe I will post and close the comments…

    3:43 pm
    brenhna said...