Saturday Morning at 10:10am

My children are growing and grown. No chubbiness anywhere in the vicinity. Everyone is in control of their own hair and the clothes on their bodies. Luckily other people keep having kids. Cute kids. Really cute kids.

Let me introduce you to Zoe.

Oh my god. Have you ever seen such a beautiful little girl? Her mom blogs here with lots of other pictures of her two cute children. My favorite is the one where Zoe wears an Easter basket on her head.

And how about Eli?

As Ree Drummond would say, stick a fork in me, I’m done. Those curls. The kilt? I have to clench my teeth against the siren song of toddler flesh. Eli’s mom just got married. She wore a big poufy tulle dress and a jeans jacket. We are waiting for more pictures

Thanks guys. Keep it up. Keep having such cute children. It helps those of us who can be reduced to tears by a picture of our little ones as toddlers. It helps us not to urge our children to produce grandchildren sooner than is optimal. We appreciate your help. Our kids probably do too.

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  • 05/31/09
    6:04 am


    Buckeroomama said...

    “It helps us not to urge our children to produce grandchildren sooner than is optimal. We appreciate your help. Our kids probably do too.”Oh, I love how you always have such an interesting perspective on things!

    Thanks for featuring Zoe in your post. :) …and Eli, omg, SO adorable!

  • 05/31/09
    6:47 am


    gudnuff said...

    Are you kidding me?! “…the siren song of toddler flesh.” OMG, I am SO stealing that. And it will help me, “to steal myself against” it, when one of those cutie-patooties is in front of me at the checkout line. Thank you!

  • 05/31/09
    6:52 am


    gudnuff said...

    …okay, I put the quote marks in the wrong place, but you know what I meant. And yes! yes! yes! I am reduced to tears by a picture of my little one as a toddler. Oh my. And I have to quickly hide my face, lest the almost-nine-year-old version of that person walks in and sees me and understands that her 9-year-old-version is not the one in the photograph.

  • 05/31/09
    5:25 pm


    the Preppy Princess said...

    Oh my word…Eli. Eli is like an apparition of what a angel baby boy would be… he can't possibly be real. My goodness, what a treasure! And Zoe is precious, she looks like she has some serious spunk!

  • 05/31/09
    7:55 pm


    Twenty Four At Heart said...

    They’re darling. One of the pts who works for the torturer has a one year old little girl. He brings her in to see me at least twice a week and she is precious. It actually makes me happy to be at pt when she’s there!

  • 06/05/09
    5:07 am


    EliandMe said...

    *beams with pride*

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