Khakis For The End Of The Week

Khaki is another High WASP all-time favorite color. The best kind of khaki trousers are the kind that show up in your wardrobe, coming from you know not where. Mystery khakis. They belonged to your son, or your daughter’s friend. They are a little too big to wear anywhere but home. Walk in the front door, kick off your heels, drop the laptop case, purse, and car keys, go into your bedroom. Off come the navy blue linen pants and the white t-shirt and the work-appropriate bra. Off comes the makeup. Re-emerge in khakis, sane bra, tank top, flip flops. Go pour a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Wander out front and smell the second bloom of roses. Not as sweet as the first, but appreciated for their perseverance.

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