Shoes With Navy Blue, Redux

In fashion, there are always arbiters. To me, east side bride is an arbiter of cool. She may not want to be one, far be it for me to insist. However, as professors always say, for the purposes of discussion, let’s just say she’s an arbiter of cool. And let’s just say, in this case because it’s true, that she said she was tired of Converse and couldn’t I get some Bensimons or some Tretorns. So, always one to respond well to authority, like a good High WASP, I did. Lots of them. Delicious. Rather like a berry salad, only for wearing on your tootsies.

Slynnro is also an arbiter of cool, if you ask me, which of course nobody did. A different kind of cool. A Texas kind of cool. Luckily for us there are many different kinds of cool. She said she would wear these with navy.

I’d ask Kappa Prep what she might wear with navy, (not at her future wedding, there she says pink) as another arbiter of yet another genre of cool. But she is in India at the moment. Um, riding elephants.

I expect that you are all arbiters of one sort of cool or another. Enjoy whatever you put on your feet. I had thought High WASPs by law were not allowed to be cool. I had made my peace with that idea. My sister, however, is cool. I am not sure how she gets away with it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  • Loving the T

  • Oh, come on now;
    everyone's allowed to be cool.
    Seriously, you know you are.

  • I think you're cool, LPC.

  • No fair saying sweet things to High WASPs. They get tongue-tied and stare at their very appropriate, much-repaired, expensive shoes. Then they remember that their mother says, "A simple thank you will suffice…." Thank you.

  • We can be cool? Seriously? Oh Miss LPC, this is new information for us, a new approach altogether. (For once I am not being facetious.)

    We do love pink and navy, but rarely wear them together. There's a goal we can go after.


  • You are cool LPC!! I love those lime green shoes, what fun! As far as what I would pair with navy I would have to say I LOVE navy and gold! I do like navy and pink too, but really do not seem to wear it too often. I usually go for the gold. In fact, I am dying for a pair of gold and navy Jack Rogers. They would look stunning with so much…think a white denim skirt with a navy tee, gold jewelry and the new JRs!

  • Looooving the shoes! Xoxo-BLC

  • Hehehe. KP all the way from India and hi there BLC!

  • Even though I am quite traditional, I love the pink shoes. Pink and navy are a timeless combination.