Sitting in Princeton

Sitting in the Yankee Doodle Tap Room of the Nassau Inn in Princeton waiting to have breakfast with my daughter. Kind of says it all, no? Beautiful late spring day in the Mid-Atlantic region but in the way of places where weather isn’t always wonderful, I am underground. The table of my booth is dark wood. Initials carved in everywhere. I know I am sitting in centuries of tradition, but since it’s my turn to see my daughter graduate, at this point I have to make myself notice much of anything else. Sort of like, oh look, Michelle Obama is on the wall, well, that’s great, where’s D, what will she want for breakfast? Waiting to see that red hair round the corner. And I just spilled hot tea on myself. Right. Back to the centuries of tradition. Dark wood. Initials. I wonder if any of the people who did the carving spilled tea on themselves?

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  • They did; I just know it. And felt as anxious and proud as you are. That’s what so great. These things never change.
    Enjoy your turn! Congrats.

  • I am quite sure tea was spilt. No doubt about it, really.

  • Ah, commencement out east! Congrats to your daughter! and you!

  • They spilled much worse things than tea on themselves!

    Anyway congrats to your daughter. She is lucky to have a mom that swells with such pride.