Why, Were I 20, I Might Not Be So All About Navy

Via simple + pretty, the Isaac Mizrahi resort collection
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  • And a woman of color. Because really, even when I was 20, I couldn't pull that off. Too damned pale.

  • i'm 31 and i'd wear that.

    (if i'd spent six weeks in a tanning booth doing lunges, that is, and could think of an appropriate event in my calendar… pta meeting?)

  • mmm….pretty! sparkley!!!

    but I'm not 20, and don't have those mile-long legs.

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  • Even in my 20's, I couldn't have pulled that off. Blessed with too many curves, even then.

  • We are loving this, and everything he is doing of late. His first Liz collection was fabulous and even tho' we're not quite the size/shape/age for this lovely, we still adore the colors and whimsy!

  • Nooooo. No no no no no.

  • I cannot be that bright. Some people can be bright. Not me.

  • This may be one of those Sandy Koufax moments. He said, apparently, "The older I get, the better I was." Perhaps I could not have worn this either. But let me preserve my illusions of my youth.

  • have you heard of Cartigan Empire??? it's a great blog about fashion but with specific consideration to all body types. i think you would like it :)

  • It's so colorful! :)