Saturday Morning At 8:58am

Being a mom is such a funny job. One minute you feel love as strong as life. The next minute you are annoyed that yet again the Izze soda bottle is sitting on the coffee table in the morning. One day, like Laura from A piece of cake, you are watching your children in the waves and California sun, fearing sharks and feeling your heart swell. One day, like – apparently – many mothers, your emails are a source of Internet memeing and chortling. Postcards From Yo Mama is what I’m thinking about. Yes. Two women set up a site where people submit emails or IM conversations from their mothers. Sort of like Post Secret. Or F*** My Life. Only it’s mom-talk.

I confess. I can barely read most mommy-bloggers. Gets my adrenaline going too hard, too fast. Everything comes back. But I can look at other people’s cute children in the water and feel the echo of their mother’s love. And I can read mother communiques, recognizing the wandering and blithering that we do when we talk to our grown children. I recognize that we are so foolish because we love them more than we know what to do with. It’s OK. I am not even embarrassed. A long time ago I wrote two pregnant friends a letter. I was so wise, me and my one year old. I said, “You can only be as good a mother as you are a person.” I still believe that. But, like most absolute statements, the range of meaning has widened as I’ve grown older. Now I think that if you aren’t embarrassed to be the person you are, you just can’t be embarrassed to be the mother you are. Even when your kids make fun of you on the Internet. Maybe especially then.

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  • I just love it when my mother sends me texts. She makes me feel very loved.

  • Great post! And thanks for your sweet comment today!! :) I will have to check out the Postcards site…I'm sure I've got some submission-worthy communiques lying around…!

  • When we grow up we're going to learn how to text. And in our dreams we'll write one-tenth as beautifully as you Miss LPC, just a wonderful post.

    Hope your Sunday is luscious,

  • Love this post. Wasn't even going to go on line today, but glad I did. I just checked out that site and I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry. My parents have refused to be part of the computer age, and so there are no emails. I know they would be a riot, but I don't think I could send them in…
    Altho, I will definitely go back to that site.

    You always have the best recommendations! Thanks.

  • Oh please, everyone, skip my post if you like but go directly to Postcards From Yo Mama. You will not regret it. I only hope my texts make my kids feel loved, because they clearly make them feel, um, mothered. And TP, you are too kind. Seriously, too kind. And more appreciated than you know.