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To Be This AND That

Sometimes our efforts to stretch, to take a risk, to be both this and that, leave us humbled. Humbled and muddy. I have a pond in my backyard. I’ve always been the type to avoid home maintenance. It scares me. But it’s never to late to learn, or so I hoped. In the last few […]

Madeleine Albright Says, "Read My Pins".

We are not alone, pin-wearers. Jill, at Stella’s Roar, brought this to my attention. Ms. Albright, our former Secretary of State (and a Wellesley graduate), takes the identity-though-lapel-jewelry process one step further. In 1997, Albright was named the first female Secretary of State and became, at that time, the highest ranking woman in the history […]

Monograms and Doc Martens

Writing about monograms (and continuing to find beautiful pictures) I have found myself thinking about identity. One might with good reason tell me I have too much time on my hands. That I need to get a job. Yes. I know. However. Monograms have an immediate implication for identity. Monograms mean something before you even […]

You Are A Great (Fashion) Read Award

I received this award from Sher at Fashion after 40. If you look on Sher’s blog, you will see I did however put a longer skirt on our friend above. Awards should mutate and follow the laws of natural selection. I also changed the award name. I am going to trust that I will not […]

Ironic 50th Birthday Party Decorations

Hello Kitty. Hello 50. And, I made this by cutting Hello Kitty wrapping paper into rectangles of overly varying shapes, folding said shapes inaccurately, muttering to myself about said inaccuracies, pasting said folds with a glue stick, and hanging each bunting bit from a pink ribbon. It was a beautiful day.

Saturday Morning at 8:08am

My Sister Turns 50 by High WASP featuring Levis jeans Yesterday my sister turned 50. Today is her birthday party up at my father’s. I’m in charge of decor. It will be suitably ironic. Happy Birthday darling sister. On my 50th birthday I floated around a small lake in the Sierras. All Lady of Shalott, […]

Julia Child’s Monogram Pin And Other Works Of Artists

The little journey down the monogrammed path has left some pretty pictures in my files. Why keep them to myself? PrincessFreckles and Plus Size Bride commented on the pin Meryl Streep wears in Julie and Julia. Apparently the production company did not understand that this item would create a groundswell of trend-setters lusting and searching […]

Bags Without Logos, The Ones That Cost More.

Once we place our feet squarely in the camp of delayed gratification, and decide to spend some more money, it’s much easier to get a no-logo bag with High WASP style. As in, if you can and want to afford several hundred dollars, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. Not that I […]

Bags Without Logos, The Budget Version

So let’s say you want a bag without a manufacturer’s monogram. Otherwise known as a logo. Logos and other branding tchotchkes (Yiddish word of the day) are ubiquitous these days. Hard to avoid. When I bought my new purse, it was displayed with charms attached to the handles. I refrained.But I digress. Let’s assume you […]

Monograms In The Year 2009

I’m game for a little good-natured deconstruction of monograms in this day and age if you are. Symbols are symbols, after all, and I am particularly fond of the cultural sort. Let’s guess that monograms are a way to say who we are. We might think that the wearing of any monogram at all indicates […]

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