Lilly Plays Tennis – At

Today Lilly plays tennis. That sly athlete:). My kids were at the US Open on Sunday. I scanned the stands for my daughter’s telltale red hair. No luck. So I called her and used up one of my limited mom-pest cards. It was worth it.

*Aaargh! Had the wrong URL! Now correct. I am using up my middle aged lady in a hurry cards too…

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  • "Mom-Pest Card" HAHAHA!

  • That's hilarious: mom-pest cards. Maybe I should let my mom have a few extras. How fun for your kids to get to go.

  • Actually, I think the only limits on "mom pest-cards" are in our own heads.

  • Maureen you may be right. All children, right now, realize your mother likely feels her supply is limited. Hand out extras. They are very valuable.

  • What I would give to be at any one of the Grand Slam events. The closest I ever got was watching Sampras at Victoria Park, which doesn't really count at all!

    (Thanks for the reminder about handing out extra supplies of mom-pest cards.)

  • Mom's have a never ending supply of pest cards LOL! Good one!

  • loved the outfit and so fun and so appropriate for us open, aka the "fun" clothing tourney!



  • can i just comment on how jealous i am that your kids are watching the us open live?! my hubbie and i would love to go–go oudin!!! :) and mommy cards, though we like to act annoyed, are sometimes greatly appreciated and expected :)