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An Ode To Slippers, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:51am

  I love my slippers. They keep my feet warm. More than that, they make me feel loved. Something about the meeting of sheepskin and foot skin. My father loves slippers too. So much so, that for his 75th birthday each of his 4 children gave him slippers. He had an actual party, meaning non-family, […]

The Summer Of Love?

I, for all my inner yearnings, have not an iota of Artsy Cousin in my personal style. Oh, occasionally I think about it. I consider what it must be like to throw together a creative outfit, possessed of je ne sais quoi, dripping panache. But therein do not lie my talents. I’m better at the […]

Do You Have An Artsy &/Or Intellectual Cousin?

You may have an artsy or intellectual cousin. Might even be artsy or intellectual yourself. All to the good. Art and Intellect are cornerstones of the Renaissance, NPR, Burning Man, and other valuable human endeavors. However, this is not quite the same as choosing the Artsy And/Or Intellectual Cousin style in which to dress yourself. […]

My (Blank) Bag Snagged My (Blank) Jacket

Home. With a story. From the last leg of my travels. I was wearing my old Chanel jacket, a pair of dark wash Seven jeans, black Aerosole flats, and a generic black v-neck cashmere sweater my mother gave me. Carrying my Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis bag. In Amarante. Confession. I did have Manolo quilted ballet […]

5 Things To Love (Unreservedly) About Your Body Before You Turn 50

Friendly Italian Women from Flickr. Since they can’t speak English, I will tell you what they want to say. You can see by their smiles. They wish you the best. They wish you the joy of your youth. We all do. What To Love, If You Need A Suggestion Today. 1. Your upper lip.It’s plump. […]

Saturday Morning at 4:48am

It’s 4:48am in California. But I’m in New Jersey. Where it’s 7:48am. None of the usual tea and toast. In my daughter’s first apartment. Listening to the sounds of a New Jersey morning. It’s louder here. And I don’t mean manmade noise. There are crickets and cicadas creaking away. At least I’m going to say […]

When I Was A Grande Dame. Except I Was Too Young. And Too Intoxicated.

When I graduated from Princeton, in June of 1978, I had no job. I was without training for a job. I had majored in Comparative Literature, Italian, French, Latin. Epic poetry. I knew a lot about metaphor. And metonymy. I sent in an application to American Express to become a travel agent, since I had […]

The Grande Dame Style Archetype

You know her. You do. If only by her strands of pearls. If only by the look on her face. Who knows what she really feels, what she might suffer, what she fears. We know her by her furs, her shoes, her bags. And the haircut. The Grande Dame. There are those oblivious to her […]

Style, Or, Alternatively, The Roman Empire.

“Style is the image of character.” Edward Gibbon via the impossible cool. Go look at these iconic photos of cool famous people. If you’re wondering what style is. Or isn’t. Or could be. Or not. *This is for my father, who, as it happens, wrote a book on Edward Gibbon. But not on style.

What Is The Point Of Style?

The Sartorialist, September 2009 There’s that moment when you stop what you are doing, and think, “Wait. What’s the point?” When you need a corner to come back to in the face of questions. This isn’t always simple. I can’t find satisfaction in situational answers. I want what my software friends call, “the root cause.” […]

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