Style, Or, Alternatively, The Roman Empire.

Style is the image of character.”

via the impossible cool.

Go look at these iconic photos of cool famous people. If you’re wondering what style is. Or isn’t. Or could be. Or not.

*This is for my father, who, as it happens, wrote a book on Edward Gibbon. But not on style.

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  • 10/05/09
    6:17 pm


    Lipstick said...

    Hmmm….very cool and chic and immensely enjoyable.

  • 10/06/09
    2:26 am


    see you there! said...

    It seems easier to recognize than define. Great link.


  • 10/06/09
    5:43 am


    materfamilias said...

    Thanks for this great link!

  • 10/06/09
    6:55 am


    miss cavendish said...

    These terrific images remind me of a writer I knew in Canada. During the GAP's "Jack Kerouac/Marilyn Monroe wore khakis" campaign, this writer was asked to participate. He declined because he didn't want his personal style used for commercial purposes.

  • 10/06/09
    7:28 am


    Duchesse said...

    Great professional photography boots the allure of attractive people immeasurably. Other people simply have it, and the camera captures that essence even in unposed moments. I like The Sartorialist's shots of "just people" who look distinctive as they go about their lives, for this reason.

  • 10/06/09
    11:49 am


    Jan said...

    Love the impossible cool.

    I looked at the photo of Michael Jackson and thought how you wouldn't know it was the same person 25 years later. He was so…cute, why did he do that to himself?

  • 10/06/09
    7:17 pm


    La Belette Rouge said...

    I love the casual cool of Sexton. Great link and fantastic photos.

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