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Luxury Hotels, St. Regis San Francisco.

I love luxury hotels. Hmm. Maybe not a sign of extreme discernment. But I don’t know if its one of those “Duh!” kind of things, or whether some really don’t care for the atmosphere. Wouldn’t want to presume. So let’s assume we are talking about a quirky predilection. Given my preferences, I’m lucky to have […]

And It Comes In Pink, Too.

Giveaway here. Rowallan jewelry “keep” or other nifty things from The keep, BTW, also comes in pink. For my preppy blogger friends:). Voila. Have disabled comments here to make sure they are all in one place and nobody gets lost. Here the stories of adventures are amazing.

A Rowallan Jewelry "Keep"

Privilege is giving away something to make your travel more, well, privileged. And in our tradition of deconstruction, you can define privilege however you like. But first, the story of this giveaway. I had been contacted by more companies than made sense. Always fun, secretly thrilling and all that. But they wanted me to promote […]

Telephones, Addresses, Movies. India, 1982

Stories start here I woke up in a strange country. This should not have surprised me. But strange, by nature, is always a surprise. I was overwhelmed with anxiety that morning. But so what? I was always anxious, in those days. In my 20’s. I was anxious, as usual, sitting on a bed in the […]

Fab Over Fifty – New Site Launching

A new site, called Fab Over Fifty, is launching in January. For those of us over 50, or almost 50, or wanting to understand the women-over-50 market, it’s run by Geri Brin, a former fashion media publisher. Here’s what she says. Now I’m creating a website by and for every single one of us, whether […]

Saturday Morning at 8:31am

So much has happened lately. I feel accelerated. Which is odd, since I’m not working. But life has its own adrenaline. Not the least of which is this blog. I’m kind of embarrassed to talk about blogging. Very High WASP of me, I suppose. We want to do these things, and pretend we aren’t. But […]

High WASP, Meet Steampunk.

I’ve been noticing, over the past few months, several things both remarkable and related. Maybe even a trend. I’ve seen references to “steampunk“, as a fashion, nay, a life style. Words like artisanal, handmade, workshop, applying not only to cheeses. Wedding invitations in the style of old saloon slash rock ‘n’ roll posters. Even the […]

Getting Away For The Weekend, Nonchalantly

When I have to get on an airplane, like all of us, I hunker down. I get out my battered Hartmann rollaway, from the days when wheels on suitcases were still new. If it’s a short enough trip to take just one bag and a purse, I put the laptop into a protective sleeve and […]

Finding Oneself In India, 1982

I turned 25 in September of 1981. In February of 1982, I took a 3 month trip to India. My ostensible motive for the trip? Adventure. 25 year olds need no more than that. I hoped to start a joint degree at Columbia University’s Graduate Schools of Business and Journalism in the summer of 1982. […]

Saturday Morning at 7:17am

It’s November. Temperatures that count for cold here. Heat is on. I have a very loud forced air system, and the sound makes me think of winter storms and winds lashing and windows rattling in their frames. Even though the sky outside is blue and all the plants in my backyard still green. Who says […]

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