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What To Wear Instead Of A Scrunchie

In my opinion, Scrunchies get a bad rap. Perpetrated by wearers who pulled ponytails higher than they should. Permed their bangs into a frizz no longer resembling hair. I still love my Scrunchies. They are great for the realities of ponytails. The reality vs. what we see in magazines, that is. Lovely neat but messy […]

LPC Is At "The Entertaining House" Today

Today I, along with The Blushing Hostess and Miss Janice, am over at The Entertaining House. We are talking about children and manners. I am the last to speak. Which is probably for the best. For example, on how to teach small ones, Start small. Think globally, act locally. Really. Use the words, “In This […]

In Which We Discover That Laundry Is The Meaning Of Life, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:30am.

Seems like that moment in the year when the Ferris wheel scrapes bottom. That small instant when we wonder, “Are we going up again?’ Skies particularly gray. Air particularly still. Or windy. Either way. This is the time all that holiday festivity is supposed to prepare us for. Except we’re just creatures, and the passage […]

On The Ground; San Francisco Street Style.

Went to the city yesterday. Yes, that’s what we in Northern California call San Francisco. What? It’s not the only city in the world? Well, yes. We know. Never mind. Here’s the final word on San Francisco street style. Hunting. Yes, hunting. Apparently, either on horse, or on foot. Otherwise, why would absolutely everyone be […]

A Simple Thank You Will Suffice

My father reads this blog. (Hey, I had to enlist his counsel when I reviewed Cheerful Money. He used to review books all the time. Still writes them. I wasn’t going out on that limb without expert advice.) So, in the course of time, he read Monday’s post about his dog chair birthday. And, in […]

Can You Wear A Simple Pearl Strand With Simple Pearl Studs?

Joyce Hor-Chung Lau, a reader of this blog and, more importantly, a writer for the International Herald Tribune and The New York Times, asked me this question in a comment. (Wait. Small aside. Is that cool or what? She writes about Hong Kong and China. OK. Onwards.) Question: Would you wear simple pearl earrings with […]

4 Ways NOT To Shop At Big Box Stores

Big box stores make me whimper. I think I know why. We’ve all got our ways to understand the world. My professor father taught me to read very early, and I must have decided reading was such an efficient system that it ought to work on everything. I was little. Little ones think like that. […]

Family Portraits. In The Year 2010.

My father turned 79 the other day. We gathered, some of us, for dinner. We ate in the dining room. Among family. We gave my dad a birthday present. All the kids contributed. As I have said, we’re talking a rather dwindling sort of fortune. What do you give a man who feels like this […]

10 Things That Make Me Happy, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:10am. In 2010.

I have been tagged, for 10 things that make me happy, by One Fabulous Mom. She of the tummy tuck that worked, a writing career, and the newly-launched 40 Things To Do Before You Turn 40 blog. Thank you One Fabulous… Let us consider happiness. Not contentment. Happiness. As it turns out, I’m a natively […]

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