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The Best Minimal-Prep, Little-Clean Dish For 3 Days Of Eating Alone

Raw chicken is scary. But I like the cooked kind. Much as I love a perfect cashmere sweater, we can’t live on style alone. Turns out we have to eat. And there comes a time for almost all of us when we will be eating alone for a few days. Maybe you’re single and living […]

Vintage Simple on Design*Sponge!

Do you all remember Maria from Vintage Simple? She did a guest post here at my request, in which she imagined a possible space for me? Ravishing beautiful. Guess what. Her house is featured on Design*Sponge today. Go take a look. While you’re at it, if you feel so inclined, congratulate her. She’s not only […]

Blog Awards, More Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, And Thank You

I have been remiss in acknowledging blog awards. The trip to Santa Barbara to take care of my stepfather put me behind. I’m gradually catching up. I’m going to bend the rules a little (tisk, tisk, tisk), but remember, we’re aiming for eccentric in another decade or two. The Preppy Princess gave me the Beautiful […]

Valentine’s Day In Midlife, Or, Saturday Morning at 6:15am

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I hope each and everyone of you enjoys yourself, in whatever way makes you happiest. In a moment of madness I signed up for a swap, organized by Amanda of first milk. Her blog is poetic, childlike rather than childish, and full of wonderful photos. She even went to Paris. I […]

What To Wear At A Garden Wedding When You Are The Mother Of A Groom

MJ asked me a wonderful question in yesterday’s Garden Party comments, “Do you have any suggestions for the mother of the groom at a garden wedding?” Well. First of all, congratulations. The human spirit rises for a wedding. I wish you and your son all the best. And now for what to wear. Weddings are […]

What To Wear To A Garden Party? Because Winter Will End Some Day.

Come February, someone, somewhere, is sick of winter. Someone, somewhere is dreaming of spring and summer. To say nothing of the associated dresses. For High WASPs, spring and summer mean garden parties. Most likely because in days of yore we had a lot of land. Some of which we would make into gardens, in an […]

Rajasthan, Weddings, Measurements. India, 1982.

An ongoing and occasional series on a 3-month trip I took to India in 1982. I was 25, and traveled by train across the country alone, writing an article on the then-unknown Indian film industry and combating the anxieties of youth and solo travel. Often includes references to what I wore. You can find the […]

Absolute Rules For What You Wear, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:07am

I believe that there are very few absolute rules. Besides religion, of course, but let’s leave that aside for now. If we aren’t discussing religion, and I am not, what then remains as absolute? To my way of thinking, kindness, violence, responsibility.What we ought to wear? Not absolute. The question of what is “appropriate” dress […]

Particuliere, Or, Should You Wear Nail Polish To The Office?

Nail parlors were few and far apart when I was young. I feel like I’m describing the Pony Express to someone raised on email, but many historical facts are difficult to absorb. Suburbs had no places for mani-pedis. Except your hair salon. I don’t think I ever saw my mother with nail polish. By the […]

Lilly Pulitzer Does Mardi Gras. Yes. That’s What I Said.

Today I am at Lilly Lovers. Telling another story in the Lilly series. I’d call it silly Lilly, but Muffy came up with a much better title. “Lilly…with a twist.” Imagine pink shifts and feather masks. Mardi Gras! I love New Orleans and its haunted self. I wish the city nothing but the best. Some […]

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