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  1. alanna
    February 11, 2010

    i just thought i'd say that i love your blog a lot and that i would let you know that i gave you the over the top award!! thanks for all the entertaining posts!

  2. MJ
    February 11, 2010

    Thank you for your sage advice. You're correct on all of the goals, and the in-laws are indeed nice but the other mother does not yet have an answer to the "what are you wearing?" question. I'd like to be fashionable, but not so much that I look like I'm trying to upstage the bride or her mother. A summery dress that won't look too busy in the photographs is my ideal. Guess I'd better start looking.

  3. Genteel Decay
    February 11, 2010

    Such good advice! I do love a pretty suit at a daytime wedding. For a garden setting, a fuller skirt appeals to me.

  4. Jan
    February 11, 2010

    *perks up* Plus-size WASP fashion?

    Just how far down in the queue is that one?

  5. Pam
    February 11, 2010

    I'm with Jan!

  6. LPC
    February 11, 2010

    Rising rapidly. I may need to be pointed in the direction of some good sources. All hands on deck.

  7. Semi Expat
    February 11, 2010

    Absolutely wonderful post LPC…. extremely thorough and confidence building too which is after all what the mother of the groom (or bride) wants to feel too.

  8. Housewife Bliss
    February 12, 2010

    such a great post, have saved it to my memory for when that day comes for me…my boys are under 4 so a long way off still. found you via summer is a verb and will be back for more. Now following.

  9. Maureen@IslandRoar
    February 12, 2010

    Oh, this was such fun! First-Born Son has a new girlfriend, and altho I do not want any weddings in my near future, I'd be lying if I said I don't think about being mother-of-the-groom from time to time. I need at least another decade to go by before I would remotely even daydream about being mother-of-the-bride.
    In either case, I'd be sure to consult you for your wonderful ideas!

  10. Duchesse
    February 12, 2010

    If interested, I have posted on this: http://passagedesperles.blogspot.com/2009/02/rebelling-against-mother-of-bride-drag.html

    Then there was my mother, at my first wedding. On May 1, she wore navy so dark it was read as black by all, and wept nonstop (not from joy.). Forty years later I can laugh but not then.

  11. The Broke Socialite
    February 12, 2010

    Great advice. I wish my mother-in-law had it when she, five years ago, decided to wear white to my brother-in-law's wedding. His wife (and the balance of us pearl clutchers)was mortified.

  12. Patsy
    February 12, 2010

    My mother-in-law wore THE most elegant dusty rose/almost pink suit to our outdoor-but-not-garden-party wedding. The only thing more delightful than how gorgeous she looked was that my Dad wore a bow tie.

    Someday I shall be the stepmother of the groom and have already picked out my outfit, so he better have a wedding to accomodate it ;-)

  13. The Gold Digger
    February 12, 2010

    If your outlaws to be are atheists* who told your fiance that not only are they not coming to the wedding but he shouldn't marry you, "something nice you would wear to church" is not the fashion advice you should give to them when they ask what to wear to the ceremony.

    Unless you don't mind a dowdy black and purple polyester/velvet something that is appropriate for a funeral.

    Oh. Was that an ugly thing to say?

    Mea culpa.

    * Not the "live and let live" kind but the "everyone else is so stupid" kind.

  14. Genteel Decay
    February 12, 2010

    Patsy, how lovely. My mother also wore a rose colored suit to my wedding and looked smashing, though I don't think I could ever talk my father into a bow tie. It's a shame, as I love them. Now, if I could only talk my husband into seersucker…

  15. materfamilias
    February 12, 2010

    Recent news in my family has me wondering if I'm going to have to find daughter-of-the-bride duds. Seniors' nuptials, I'm imagining, demand a whole different sartorial approach. I think, for now, I'll just enjoy your charming post and look forward to my son's eventual wedding — much more fun in a garden or even at the beach!

  16. LPC
    February 12, 2010

    The first garden wedding I ever went to, I still remember the green flowered short-sleeved Albert Nipon dress I wore…

  17. Sher
    February 12, 2010

    I love shantung fabric. I know it's similar to my drapes, but..I would think it's acceptable.

    I do have a question. Would my Lilly Pulitzer long skirt be acceptable?

    here: http://fashionafterforty.blogspot.com/2009/04/easter-lilly.html

    Not sure about it being cotton or with it being a print. It would have to be a very informal garden wedding huh?

  18. LPC
    February 12, 2010

    Sher – the cotton and the print would be fine if it's an informal garden wedding. But in that case you'd want to shorten the skirt somewhat. The length and the print and the fabric together put it in the beach/resort/family fun category, to my way of thinking.

  19. vintage simple
    February 12, 2010

    Ha! This post made me laugh, Lisa..! Ah, all I have to look forward to…


    ps: I loved Sharon Stone's choice, by the by. I love it when different styles are mixed, but mixed well. I thought she pulled that off beautifully that night.

    February 12, 2010

    I do not look forward to the day I have to shop for THIS dress. Good advice worth filing away.

  21. Summer is a Verb
    February 12, 2010

    Two words; Carolina Herrera…XXOO

  22. myletterstoemily
    February 12, 2010

    brilliant…so relieved you didn't say, "beige".

  23. Peonies and Polaroids
    February 13, 2010

    Can I add my advice to mothers of the groom at summer garden party weddings? Long black satin dresses worn with a black cardigan and black shoes will give the impression you feel you are attending a funeral. Accessorising with your most disapproving face with compound that impression. You may well *feel* that you are attending a funeral but please, keep it to yourself.

    Not that I speak from experience of course.

  24. The Gold Digger
    February 13, 2010

    Peonies, you mean it's rude to show disapproval for your son's choice of wife?

    I guess that tiny bit of etiquette news has not made it to certain people who happen to be related to my husband.

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