Awards, Of The Bloggish Sort.

I received three blog awards recently, Sugar Doll, Beautiful Blogger, and Sunshine. Thank you so much. As it turns out, they were from three bloggers I read regularly. As it also turns out, all these bloggers live outside the USA. I never expected that blogging would teach me, at 53, new things about the world. In retrospect, was I stupid? That is said with a smile. Of course. We are always stupid in one way or another. In the 6th decade, one learns to regard many flaws with affection.

So. I received the awards from:

A Femme D’Un Certain Age
Many of you know Tish already. If not, allez-y, tout de suite. She lives in France, and posts on cross-continental currents, fashion, and la vie Parisienne. My favorite amongst her features is the illustrated posts on outfits she and her friend put together. So, um, French. So insouciant.

Metscan lives in Finland. Yes. Finland. She is new to blogging, and tells us the story of her style and her days. Her taste is austere, her objects beautiful. And behind every post you can feel the Finnish winter waiting. Summer should be good, if brief.

The Hostess Of The Humble Bungalow
She’s in Canada. Has an adorable house, buy cute clothes. And one of the more cheerful bloggers around. Today she showed her face for the first time. Go tell her she’s cute.

These awards generally require that I provide some details on my existence. Since we are already outside the US, let’s keep going. Below are 5 of my more memorable foreign travel moments. I can never guarantee that I haven’t told these before. In the 6th decade one begins to retell.

1. Crossed the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth II in 1968. As we will looking back to childhood, I remember an odd non-sequitor. They had a drawing context in the ballroom. I won. I realized years later that I had plagiarized a New Yorker cartoon I must have seen at least a year before. I still feel shame for the undeserved win.

2. Christmas in Jamaica, at the Ocho Rios Inn, early-1970’s, with my family. White-jacketed waiters served us on the patio. Afterwards I danced, with my brother, in a cream colored cotton knit dress. The matching jacket had navy blue and brown trim. And a zipper. The reality of decades is always more nuanced than subsequent representations.

3. Christmas in Cancun, a private villa, early-1970’s. The cook served pork chops. A mariachi band came in and played to us. We were mortified, but didn’t know what to do until my mother came back from the market.

4. My sister and I flew to France, in the summer of 1976, to travel alone for 5 weeks. When we arrived, we realized that the the houseboat owner we were supposed to stay with was in Germany. It was raining. The concierge let us in, out of pity. Who knew that houseboat colonies had concierges?

5. Traveled through Europe on a private jet, for Sun Microsystems, in 1999. Prague was beautiful, but the lobby benches in the Intercontinental were lined with prostitutes, like birds on a wire.

Finally, still on the track of new lands and new knowledge, I pass all three awards on to three bloggers from Australia. Why Australia? Because I’m sensing an Australia vibe. Just like a year ago when I thought, hmm, Swedish. And then Swedish design started showing up everywhere. So let’s see if the next few years bring us Australian design swagger. If so, it will sound like this.

First, Faux Fuschia. One of the funniest, most engaging blogs I have ever read. Seriously. She calls her place of work the coal face. I can’t do her style, verbal or fashion, justice. Outrageous. Remember AbFab? Just go read. Then pogo on over to Semi-Expat in Oz, and Sydney Shopgirl, for well-photographed and narrated accounts of Australian daily life, home style, fashion, food.

Speaking of awards, now for the Oscars. I’d wear navy blue, in case you wondered.

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  • Whee to more Australian blogs! Congratulations on all your awards LPC – well deserved.

  • Congratulations on all of your awards!

  • Thank you!

  • Many well deserved congratulations on your awards dear Skye… And may I say what an absolute honour it is to receive nomination from you today, on Oscar day! Thank you so much – I am really thrilled and very touched.

  • You are so deserving of awards…and no wonder so many recognize this, we can live vicariously through you in High Waspdom The QE in '68 you must have been waited on hand and foot? LV luggage perchance?…and many grateful thanks for mentioning me…even in my shy and awkward Humble way…I am putting on my pearls and dreaming…merci beaucoup!

  • LPC Thankyou! I am touched. I'm at the Coalface after a Day from Hell and this has cheered me. I will log off, go home and think of some answers! K (My Real Initial) x

  • Thank you LPC. I am touched and it has made my Oscar day too.

    I am blogging now. My version of an acceptance speech.

    L xxx (my real initial too).

  • Hi there – I found you over at Sydney Shop Girl's blog and am your newest Australian follower!

    What great travel stories – I can't wait to read more of your blog!

  • You are so worth all the above awards and many more to come! You have brought fresh winds to the blogging circles! I´m thrilled! Thank you also for mentioning my blog in your post.

  • You always give the best blog recs, so I'll have to check these out!
    I've always wanted to stay on a houseboat. Tell me it was fun…

  • The houseboat was fun but we had to move out, since the owner wasn't there….big You're Welcome to all award recipients, and big Thank You to all congratulating me.

  • Must check out Faux Fushia…AbFab is a favorite of mine!

  • Wonderful adventures! Trips with sisters have to be the best! I will need to get my sister on board for a little getaway!

  • Congratulations on your awards. i will check out the recommended blogs. Have you been back to Prague since 1999? I was there in '95 and '97 and am curious as to changes.

  • congratulations on the awards and thank you
    for the fun travel experiences.

  • Jill, I thought of you when I read FF. DocP, I haven't been back, and it's the one place in Europe I have a hankering to visit, other than returning to Paris. Headbands, sisters are the best. myletters, why thank you.

  • COngratulations on your well deserved awards. Tish is the best, and I will go visit these other blogs right now. Enjoyed reading about some of your travel adventures.

  • Dear LPC,

    Congrats on your awards. I love reading all you have to say. Love your style too. In 1976 I was 18. Oh would I have loved to travel around France for 5 weeks, what a privilege. Instead I was laying on the sand in Hermosa Beach with my boyfriend (who became my husband) getting skin cancer that I'm now dealing with!


  • Congratulations Miss LPC, well-deserved in so many ways. The knit dress and jacket resonate for reasons unknown, making me pause and think about specific details and times and places. Your posts do that. :)

    Smiles at you for the week ahead!