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Back. Uneventful flights, except for the spillage of warm nuts in my lap on the Chicago – San Francisco leg. More words and some pictures to follow. If only jet lag didn’t make me feel like I’m on a on a perpetually shifting and not-too-well-captained boat. Oh well, small price to pay for seeing best […]


And I went to the airport, and my flight was canceled, and I got a new flight for tomorrow that avoids the UK, and I took a train back to my friend’s house, and I ate some more chocolate and a ravioli that her son was having for lunch, and that, my friends, was that.

The 4th Decade Of Visiting Paris, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:02am CEST

The first time I came to Paris I was 18. Almost 19, given, but still 18. On my first visit I walked the streets grinning and thrilled. But in those days I was afraid a lot. It was like walking on the side of a steep mountain – at any moment I might fall down […]

I’m In Belgium. No Kidding.

Yesterday I flew from California to Belgium. Hello. From Belgium. My best friend turns 50 Saturday. She lives here. Her husband decided to fly me out for a surprise visit. San Francisco, May 11, 5:30am. Philadelphia, May 11, 4:30pm. Did you know they have rocking chairs in the Philadelphia airport? I did not rock. Brussels, […]

How To Build A High WASP Collection Of Thingamabobs For Your House

Doesn’t the TV stand wheel in the background add a certain je ne sais quoi? A certain ironic reflection of the snuff bottle’s non-sphere? Can you tell I was talking literary theory with my son yesterday? Bwahahahahaha. This’ll show him not to get his mom going. High WASP houses always have a collection of something […]

What Moms Like Best, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:07am

My daughter came home for Mother’s Day. Flew all the way from New Jersey to California. Happy mom. Thank you daughter. Son is working hard in college. Happy mom. Thank you son. I wish all of you a happy day of mothers, in whatever way that means something to you. I’m having breakfast at my […]

15 Ways To Experience The Best Possible Makeup Purchase In The Whole World

Wander into a department store, cash in your pocket. Endure torture at the hands of a tall Russian makeup artist. Buy new makeup you don’t need. Tell your friends. Gain courage. (Known impolitely, but colorfully, as grow a pair.) Storm back into Saks, tell Chanel counter lady every detail of your torture and return the […]

Where To Shop If You Have Only 1 Day In Manhattan?

It’s possible to spend a week shopping in New York City. Heck, it’s possible to spend a entire life shopping there. But what if you have only a very short time? In that case, I recommend you head straight to Broome Street. Broome Street? Broome Street? Not 5th Avenue? Not Madison Avenue? Not the Lower […]

The Night I Wore My Louboutins To The Mark Hotel Bar

Saturday night I wore my Louboutin Simple 70s to the bar at the Mark Hotel. 77th and Park. To a certain extent, that sentence says all that needs to be said. But it’s pretty dense, as a communication, so let me deconstruct. I lived in Manhattan from 1979 through 1984. I was young, in my […]

On The Tyranny Of The Cosmetics Counter, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:00am

I have red, swollen, chafed, eyelids. And I blame it on my High WASP upbringing. As I have said before, my ilk live in deeply ingrained fear of behaving “inappropriately.” Now, this doesn’t mean acting in a “ladylike” manner per se. The full definition of “appropriate” would require terabytes of data storage, since it’s replete […]

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