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How To Get "Tunic" Arms

In our recent discussion of the hunt for tunics, many of you commiserated with my desire to stop sucking in my stomach. “Enough already,” we said. “We just want to breathe as nature intended.” However, many of you also expressed concern over revealing your arms. I believe I have found a solution. And, now that […]

Should Your Kids Really Send Thank You Notes?

Crane notecards. For when I run out of the dragonflies I’m using now. I have a confession to make. Despite my efforts – sleepless nights, Legos embedded in the soles of my feet, the times I reminded myself to say yes instead of no – in one significant way I failed as a mother. (Probably […]

Hunting For An Elusive Item Of Clothing – The Standalone Top

In the days when I worked, my wardrobe was easy to put together. Set. Wardrobe X = [(tees x jackets) + Armani pants = formal work] + [(tees x jackets) + nice jeans = casual work] + casual jeans + house trashwear + exercise gear + little black dress. (Not to mention the old ball […]

Sports Spectaculars And Motherhood, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:10am

It’s World Cup time. South Africa tied Mexico yesterday – no small feat. Meanwhile, the NBA Championship just finished Game 4 of 7. Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics. Two storied teams from large cities on opposite sides of the country. And all this just reminds me of my son. Equivalently, I cannot hear […]

Things That Come In Threes

Queen Bee Swain tagged me for some 3s. She is one to watch, and young, and full of fire, so I do what she says. A. Three names I go by: Lisa Mom Old Horse B. Three places I’ve lived: Cambridge, MA (I was born there, while my father was finishing his Ph.D.) London, England […]

We Have A Winner! (Omelette Pan Edition)

As usual, your comments were wonderful. Omelette memories appear, for the most part, to be fond ones. Whether made on honeymoon for Barbara: for a husband by rb and Lori; by a husband for Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella, suburban prep, Class factotum and Queen of Cashmere; by a boyfriend for Victoria; by mom for Staircase […]

Brutal Pearls And Subtle Bright Red Lipstick; The Power Of An Oxymoron

“Cool” fashion usually involves tension of one sort or another. The wearer has enough force of character, or enough vision, to carry off a union of unmatching goods. Combining patterns, textures, or “high-low” elements. While cool isn’t a dominant High WASP trait, some style archetypes are cooler than others. The Grande Dame wears a messy […]

How To Have A Good Mood Day, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:48am

On any given day, there is almost nothing I have to do. I’m not working. The nest is empty. You’d think, as I did when I was busy with work or children or both, that this life is paradise. Uh, no. I’m not complaining, mind you. But it turns out happiness isn’t just about not […]

Would You Like To Win A Copper-Clad Omelette Pan?

It’s time for another giveaway.The fine folks at CSN Stores got in touch with me. CSN has all sort of online shops – they supplied the Rowallan jewelry keep last year. The company also sells mattresses, garden furniture, and things like TV stands. They appear to do almost no marketing, except this bit where they […]

One Small Purchase In Paris

I did make one purchase in Paris. Two oven mitts and a dish towel. Or, as my best friend calls them, a tea towel. Her parents are British. Many terms linger. That first night, as we wandered waiting for Les Mauvais Garcons to let us in, (never to be but nevermind), we stumbled upon an […]

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