Things That Come In Threes

Queen Bee Swain tagged me for some 3s. She is one to watch, and young, and full of fire, so I do what she says.

A. Three names I go by:

  1. Lisa
  2. Mom
  3. Old Horse

B. Three places I’ve lived:

  1. Cambridge, MA (I was born there, while my father was finishing his Ph.D.)
  2. London, England (Worked in theater administration, 1979.)
  3. Glenmore, PA (Air Products and Chemicals. My address started out, “Rural Drop.” Amish families sold their pies at the local convenience store.)

C. Three of my idols:
I don’t idolize anyone. I’m too old. Nobody’s perfect. I’m certainly not perfect but I’m all I’ve got to work with. So here are my favorite American Idols.

  1. Adam Lambert (go dude.)
  2. Clay Aiken (and I’m over the shame.)
  3. Kelly Clarkson (because the woman can sing.)

D. Three things I like to look at:

  1. The screen of my computer. Where you all talk to me.
  2. My back yard. In springtime. In wind. Late afternoon.
  3. The face of anyone I love. In particular, the space below their eyes, and above the cheekbone. So vulnerable and unnecessary.

E. Three places I have been:

  1. The Panama Canal at night. All the lights twinkling on an engineering feat that could teach Steampunk what for.
  2. The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. And the surrounding ancient wooden cubicles.
  3. Katmandu. On a bicycle. In hail.

F. Three of my proudest accomplishments:

  1. Graduating from Princeton Magna Cum Laude.
  2. Graduating from Columbia Business School at all. Accounting took me out to the woodshed. Taught me what for and then some.
  3. Ranking in the top 3 salespeople in the Western Region at Air Products and Chemicals for an entire year.

Note that my children are not my accomplishment. They are their own.

G. Three things I love to eat:

  1. Chocolate.
  2. Broccoli (good thing too, given the chocolate)
  3. Pho. (Which is pronounced fuh, and is the best chicken noodle soup ever, in case you don’t have any Vietnamese restaurants in your neck of the woods and don’t know what I’m talking about…)

H. Three things I want to do someday:

  1. Live forever.
  2. Hold a grandchild.
  3. Write a book proposal. Anything beyond writing a proposal is in someone else’s hands.

I. Three things I am looking forward to this year:

  1. My son coming home.
  2. My daughter coming home.
  3. Coming home myself. On any given day. Opening the front door, dropping my keys in the little crystal heart bowl I keep on a sofa side table, taking off my shoes, taking off anything tight or itchy, getting a glass of water, sitting down on the sofa, and looking out the window.
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  • Lovely post, made me think about so many things…

  • Love this, LPC. I love "pho" too (but never knew how to spell it!)

    Delia Lloyd

  • "Note that my children are not my accomplishment. They are their own."

    YESS!!! Sane parenting and respect for children as separate human beings in their own right! Always so welcome to see this.

  • Lovely post. I enjoy Pho too.

  • I look forward to the book being published!

  • What a great post! I love how you see your children as their own accomplishment – that's a lovely sentiment.

  • Cominh home myself… that a lot.
    Magna cum laude…I think I expected that…but Rural Drop…not so much!
    Great post!

  • we just found a brilliant new pho place just up the street — if you're ever in Vanc'r . . .

  • Beautiful. Reading this reminds me of why I like visiting your place here. I have so missed you and the wonderful blogging community. I am thankful for this opportunity to stop by and visit you today. XX

  • Just lovely.

  • who calls you "old horse"? they need to get their eyes checked. whaddayaknow – i'm from kathmandu (well my parents are) but i was born in hong kong then schooled in kathmandu, colleged in india and unied in london and back to hong kong for some proper paid job. might be moving back to london for ash's education. let's see…:)

    ~ash's mum

  • I love how you so effortlessly slipped Steampunk in there :O)

  • I adore Pho. It's rather scarce here in Podunk.

    You lead such an interesting life.

  • Well done, Old Horse!

  • I always love reading these survey-like things!!

  • Where does the old horse come from? I would imagine it meaning that someone is well into routines and a schedule, yet trustworthy, reliable, a step ahead of what is to happen. These are all wonderful features!

  • Three reasons why I read Privilege:
    1. intelligence
    2. humor
    3. class

    (even thought I didn't win the cooper pan LOL)

  • Good things come in threes.
    But why Old Horse?

  • Goodness, I am such an underachiever in comparison – what a rich life you've led.

  • Ahhh…the joy of grad school stats/accounting…all things quantitative. I had to hire a tutor to make it through.

  • it's decided, then: when we coincide in nyc someday we're totally going to pho 32.

  • I really like your blog! I'm a new author and have enjoyed this new experience. I find that it's the most difficult and most rewarding. I'm also a graphic designer and love having that creative outlet as well.
    Thanks for your post! I will be back for more updates. :-)

    Melissa Nielsen

  • Marcela – Thank you.

    Delia – If you come to California, be sure to ping me and we will go for pho.

    Artful Lawyer – Thank you. Nothing demands more of our sanity than parenting.

    Jasileet – Thank you.

    Jill – Yeah, you and me both chica:). Thank you.

  • JMW – Thank you.

    Hostess – Thank you. Rural drop what a bit of a shocker to me too:).

    Mater – I would love to. And Vancouver is such a beautiful place.

    Lori – What an amazing coincidence. I just stopped by your blog yesterday, even visited your daughter's, just to make sure you were still OK.

    Maggie – Thank you very much.

  • Ash – "Horse" is a homynym for "Mother," in Chinese:). Wait, you were schooled in Kathmandu? Amazing.

    Suburban – Nothing but the best for you all…

    Jan – I am only noticing now that I led an interesting life. At the time I was just running around being young. You know what I mean? You can make pho, you know? I did it once. It was delicious. And the kitchen smelled like star anise.

    Patsy – Thank you. Neigh!

    metscan – See my answer to ash. But I like your analysis so I will alter to reality so you are right:).

  • Barbara – If I had known that one day someone would write this to me, I might have settled much earlier into who I might have been. Thank you.

    Belle – See my answer to Ash. However, I believe "Old," in Chinese, is also a respectful title. At least that's what I tell myself:).

    Tabitha – Lordy no. First of all, I'm 53. Second, half the time I could have been in Podunk and I wouldn't have known the difference. One's internal voice is very loud.

    ADG – I SHOULD have had a tutor.

    lauren – yay. yay. yay.

    Melissa – Thank you very much. I will take a look at your stuff.

  • super duper flattered and I want to do the same things as you one day too :)

    keep on kicking fanny!



  • lovely post

  • You make even the most mundane of surveys such a pleasure to read.

    Old Horse had me stumped until your explanation… "Lao Ma." I do think it is a term of respect. :)

  • Great set of threes!! I like how these challenges make both author and reader reflect on their lives.

    SSG xxx

  • And for me:

    Cambridge, England (I was born there, while my father was finishing his Ph.D.)

    Chocolate, broccoli, and pho, oh Yes. Used to have pho in Boston and now we are moving to where there's LOTS of the tasty soup!

  • Oh this is such a fabulous post.. just love it – thanks Lisa. And have to try Pho this weekend I think… x

  • Nicely done: a gracefully written meme, with substance. Three cheers (that'll be item J).

  • Very interesting and of course, accomplished. Much to be proud of, Old Horse!

  • A terrific list.
    Agree with much of it, particularly Pho. Food of the Gods.

    Miss W

  • My neighbourhood is packed with pho places; the I've been told pho is a transliteration of "feu", from the days when the French colonized Viet Nam. I enjoyed learning more about you.

  • PRIVILEGE is the place to:
    1. Learn
    2. Enjoy
    3. Feel inspired
    Dear Lisa, thank you for the exquisite blog.

  • Clay Aiken… really? You totally surprised me there! Want to write my proposal for me?! ;)

  • Agree on the chocolate and can't wait for my middle daughter to come from Uni tomorrow!

  • QBS – I rely on you for inspiration:).

    legalstyle – Thank you.

    Buckeroomama – Thanks for the official confirmation.

    SSG – Thank you. I didn't tag anyone, but I might have tagged you if I had:).

    Someone – You are moving to Vietnam:)?

  • Semi – Yes, and in Australia I understand they have a lot.

    Mise – Thank you so much.

    Maureen – From one to another:). If it's an honorific, that is.

    Miss Whistle – I wonder if anyone knows where the best Pho in America can be found, the way we do with pizza and hamburgers.

    Duchesse – Well I never knew that. Thanks.

  • Russian Chic – It's my pleasure. Thank you for this, and for your recipe.

    Entertaining Mom – Yeah, I know. Me too and everyone I know:).

    Fab – I'm about to go and get some chocolate RIGHT NOW. But I have to text my daughter if I want to talk to her…

  • What a thoughtful and well expressed post as usual, Lisa. Thank you for your recent comments on my son's graduation and our trip. It was truly amazing and what a blessing to have so much time with him. I think we all realized what a gift this was while it was happening which made us even more grateful to spend this time together.

    I'm surprised you haven't toured NE with all your years in NJ and reasons to return. Vermont and New Hampshire in the fall ~ breathtaking at every bend in the road. Maybe this year? :) xoxo

  • "Note that my children are not my accomplishment. They are their own."…I adore this sentiment!