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Whilst In Sweden; The Daily Brainstorm Launches

I would like to announce the launch of The Daily Brainstorm. Says Barrie Davenport, editor-in-chief, “The Daily Brainstorm is an aggregate blog with some of the best bloggers on the internet, focusing on helping people have a more meaningful, passionate and interesting life.” The Daily Brainstorm was founded by Mary Jaksch (of Goodlife Zen, Write […]

Whilst In Sweden; The Sturdy Gal Wears

No little black dresses over here. Of course my sisters and I had to confer to make sure that was really OK. Feels a little naked for High WASPs to travel without a way to dress for dinner. Sense prevailed. Here’s as dressed up as I will be. New metallic orange Havianas. A new belt. […]

Packing Strategies For Midlife, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:46am

Up early. Time to pack. I like packing, as long as I have enough time. My strategy is to put everything out the day before I go. That allows me to survey the territory (otherwise known as look at stacks and stacks of my stuff), and consider. When I have time to look, I usually […]

Vacation Far Away From The Modern World, Or, The Stockholm Archipelago

Have you ever wanted to take a vacation from 2010? To step into an Ingmar Bergman landscape, especially a happy one? How do you feel about granite beaches, wide skies, wild berries? Consider the Stockholm Archipelago. On Sunday I’m off to spend a week in Sweden. This time, unlike the visit to Belgium, I’m surprising […]

The Sturdy Gal Dreams Of A Grand Resort, v.2011

In recent weeks the fashion industry has been showing its Resort collections. High WASPs love resorts. They are places of tennis, sand, and alcohol. What’s not to like? We aren’t sure, however, what the point is of Resort collections, shown in the summer, and not available until 2011. We think it’s an “industry thing,” which […]

Email Invitations Take The Next Step Toward Good Manners

**Note – I’m not responding to comments any more today because Blogger keeps eating what I write:(. See you tomorrow. This long weekend my family celebrated 3 events. Dinner with my brother and his fiancee, the first time we siblings have seen the pair since their engagement. Fourth of July. Beloved Big Nephew’s 10th birthday. […]

Happy Fourth of July, A Work In Progress.

A red, white, and blue work in progress. Happy Fourth of July.

Smalls, Swimming, Swinging, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:23am

My youngest sister is in town. With her husband and 3 kids aged almost-10, 8, and 3-and-a-half. Which means I spent yesterday, for the most part, in contact with babyflesh. Oh yay. I had forgotten how it feels when smalls cuddle up to you, engrossed in something you show them. When you’re just the safe […]

The Joy Of Local Boutiques, And A San Francisco Designer

I found my standalone top. Or, shall we say, a standalone top. Now that I’ve found one I realize I may need a few more. So useful for a life lived in jeans, when no jacket is required but one has too much midlife stomach to set free upon an unsuspecting world. What’s more, it’s […]

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