Whilst In Sweden; The Sturdy Gal Wears

No little black dresses over here. Of course my sisters and I had to confer to make sure that was really OK. Feels a little naked for High WASPs to travel without a way to dress for dinner.

Sense prevailed. Here’s as dressed up as I will be. New metallic orange Havianas. A new belt. Which I’m pretending is Artsy. Do not break my heart and tell me otherwise.

Khakis. Diamond studs, I mean, I’m only going to have one pair of earrings for goodness sake.

And L.L. Bean chambray. I had to buy a man’s shirt. The women’s weren’t classic enough. And then, of course, it was too big. So then, of course, I had to take it to the tailor. Surely you have tailored a basic before? Maybe just not quite this basic.

I’m going to pretend I look like Katherine Hepburn. Channel her wind-swept hair and wind-burned cheeks. Sit on a rock, stretch my feet before me, clasp my knees. My khaki-clad knees, sure, but still knees..

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  • Love that belt! The entire outfit sounds like a timeless classic to me.

  • I can just picture it. You'll look fabulously classic.

  • Love the belt! I'm sure you'll look even more elegant than Kate Hepburn!
    But I seriously do not think I could travel with one pair of earrings. Even diamond studs. You are obviously far sturdier a gal than I.

  • I get so worried about my jewelry when I travel that I only take that which I could bear to lose, which is definitely not the diamond studs, although those are my favorites. I don't take my Good Purse, either. Yes, they can steal my passport, my credit cards and my cash, but don't take my purse!

  • I get everything tailored! I figure if 15.00 is all that stands between me and looking great…it is worth every penny!

  • Yes,you will look classically American in the way that Katherine Hepburn looked. And this no-frills no-nonsense look works from Kennebunkport Maine to Coronado California. I'm sure that it will work for Sweden as well.

  • YES – I know exactly what you mean about shirts. The classic lines still have classic things for men, but increasingly trendy pieces for women. I still buy Brooks Brothers mens' oxfords (online, so the sales people can't treat me like I have rabies).

  • I love the outfit!

    (Just a very slight nitpick -isn't it Katharine Hepburn?)

  • The orange Havianas are a nice Artsy Cousin touch!

  • Dear Lisa, I often pretend you ARE Katharine Hepburn (and that, my friend, is the ultimate compliment).

  • Until Lisbeth Salandar, my image of Sweden was very Sturdy Gal with a touch of Artsy — your outfit will manifest that perfectly. Now perhaps a Dragon Tattoo . . . (if you haven't read Stieg's Millenium trilogy, I recommend it)

    Have a wonderful time!

  • Orange flip flops!?! Be still my heart.

  • Love the punch of orange Havianas and the belt is pure fun…
    I usually buy something new for a trip too…
    I have even bought some new boaty duds for the summer cruising season…but they are unremarkable basics

    I can see you channeling Kate and relaxing in the Swedish sun.

  • Sounds like a perfect outfit. I love the belt!

  • I find your outfit just right for Sweden. The diamond studs are a good choice, so wonderful in sunlight, which we now have here.

  • If Katherine Hepburn would have been Swedish she would have been you. Not sure if that makes total sense –but you get what I am trying to say.
    I love Swedish summers. Nothing as beautiful!

  • The orange flip flops are singing to me.
    Eat some herring with lingonberries on for me!

  • stretch with gusto, dear lisa, and toss wind-swept hair like the heroine you are.

  • Charming. Very Artsy.
    These earrings instead of diamond.
    Studs? Grand Dame.
    Have a wonderful trip.
    Artsy Cousin M.

  • Sounds great and I know you look darling! xoxo

  • hi lpc,

    sounds perfect to me. just perfect.
    enjoy your rest.


  • The belt is both Artsy and Retro. Double points.

  • If the belt is the pattern I believe it to be, then you get bonus points for both artsy and high WASP (in the South, at least). Well done, not as if you did not already know that, my dear.

  • wish i was visiting sweden this summer. my relatives just celebrated midsummer with a huge family party in Obsy. eat, drink and be merry. take care.

  • I am so seriously jeally! if you're in Falkenberg, have a moment for me- that is where the Swedish rowing stud is from!



  • Great look! So hard to find true classics these days. I'm still mourning the demise of the truly classic Cole Haan driving moc–CH has gone all trendy.

  • Perfect! Have fun!

  • look at you! the global-traveller with a pretty neat package of outfits and accessories. love the new metallic orange havianas. have an awesome trip!

    ~ash's mum

  • I just ordered a pair of Lori Jack's … your mention of Havianas brought them to mind. Waiting for their arrival ….!
    Are you familiar with them?
    Or are they just a big deal here?

  • Excellent outfit, LPC!

    For the orthopaedically challenged like myself, I insist on wearing Birkenstocks over Havianas… and make my calves look much heftier in the process.

    SSG xxx

  • Smart to wear diamond studs in the country or to the beach- they have screw backs. Great worry-free wardrobe; have a marvelous, restorative time.

  • I love that you had the chambray shirt tailored to fit. Your wardrobe plans sound perfect!
    (don't forget a sweater – it can get chilly in Sweden, even in July and August)

  • I'm envisioning you in your chambray and khaki and you look perfect! The orange Havianas are inspired (I'm wearing silver Reefs right now – they do go with everything). The diamond studs are enough, certainly, and indicate that you could dress up and up and up, if the occasion was right.

    Another story, but my mother always said that if I pierced my ears "I would look like a Christmas tree." She was a sturdy girl, indeed. But, I don't wear earrings to this day in fear of someone thinking that I look gaudy!

  • I can so picture you channeling Katharine Hepburn. :)

  • need to take a page from your book and travel with one pair of earings only. sigh.

    and tailored men's shirts=the best.

  • I'm sure you're always fabulous. I know it to be true even though we've never met. You've inpsired me as I pack for Norway. Lots of navy and white. And the thing is, one always dresses for dinner, whether one is aware of it or not. A whip around with a washcloth, a jaunty scarf, a spritz of scent is all it takes.

    Have a lovely time and by Wednesday I'll be waving to you across the Oslo fjord.

    Miss W x

  • You looked fab I'm sure. Hubby's fraternal grandparents are from the old country….(Olsons)….

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  • What a wonderful, classic, and simple outfit! I might be a generation behind, but I am considering the same shirt-alterations this fall. The J.Crew women's section is appalling and ragtag, but the men's features a nice lineup of classic plaids…