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In Defense Of Stuff

I like my stuff. In fact, I’d have to admit I love it. It’s not a wild love, but it’s certainly a fond one. With some wistfulness thrown in for good measure. Right now there’s a wave of minimalism sweeping the land. As a backlash against the “Buy More, Buy Now, Buy Again” excess of […]

How To Make A Delicious Girly Martini

Have you ever noticed how much testosterone surrounds the making of dry martinis? Why? James Bond? A man is made a man by slugging gin almost straight? Here’s the High WASP way. If you like gin, just drink it. We say, “I’ll have my gin now.” We don’t pretend to be doing anything else. I […]

Pictures Of You, Or, Saturday Morning At 10:27am

My son is back in New Jersey. My daughter and he went to the U.S. Open on Thursday night. Nadal vs. Verdasco. Had a great time. I texted to ask where they were sitting, thinking maybe I could spy them, up high in the stands. That’s the perspective of a mother, right there. Yes there’s […]

How Does It Feel To Share A Family Portraitist With The Kennedys?

Back in the 60’s, my mother had a portrait painted of her children. The three eldest, that is. I was 6, my sister 3, my brother 2. The painter tried several times to cover up my brother’s diaper, but couldn’t. The diaper stayed, my arm got tired, and my sister and now I fall about […]

5 Good-Looking Products At 5 Very Nice Prices

Let’s talk about good taste. We know it’s not the same as money. Expensive tastelessness is everywhere. However, finding the inexpensive tasteful can take a little work. Advanced tasteful in particular. First level, raise-no-eyebrows style, like a plain white toaster, gray tee, or black and white photograph of your kids is pretty easy to come […]

Labor Day Planting In the USA

Rudbeckia, coryx, coleus, alyssum Here’s to the work ethic. And days off. Hope everyone, American or not, has had a wonderful weekend. Previously: 4th of July

An Asked Question Is Answered, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:00am

There remains one unfinished piece of business on Privilege. Several of you have asked me to talk about relationships, about marriage. And I haven’t. In fact I am divorced. I feel shame even to type those words, but it is the truth. I was married, for 20 years. Separated in 2006. In the world of […]

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