In Which I Explain

Oh yes. The final, and perhaps most important, High WASP emoticon,

Translation: It’s been a heck of a few days. Up next week, the more complete story of a peanut Prada cardigan and other mischief.

Have a wonderful weekend. We’re not there yet, but it’s coming.

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  • It sounds intriguing! I'll definitely tune in next week for cardigans, mischief, fun and flair. A great weekend to you too!

  • Ugh, I feel you. Coupled with the drastic changes in CA weather lately, I'm feeling worn down!

  • You have given me serious cravings for a peanut Prada cardigan

  • I'll look forward to your Prada cardigan story — I love the colour name already.

  • 'Looking forward to it, especially the part about the peanut sweater (insert emoticon here).

    And sweet buckets of relief! You're right: it IS almost here. It's as though I can taste it already.

  • I think that may be the most useful emoticon I have come across.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  • Eagerly awaiting news of the peanut Prada cardi.

    SSG xxx

  • See you when you get back…await the Prada Peanut story.

  • Anxious to hear about your adventure…PPC and all!!!!

  • It is Little Friday, after all. Have a great weekend, Lisa!


  • Using peanut and Prada in the same sentence deserves an award in itself.

    Have a wonderful weekend. So happy you're on my blog roll.

    Miss W X

  • I´m waiting anxiously for your post next week. I have a feeling, that it is not all about a Prada cardigan…?

  • Dear LPC, hope everything ok, looking forward to your return xx

  • Have a good break. Love the sound of a 'peanut Prada cardigan'. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week. x

  • We can't wait to hear more from you!

  • give 'em hell.

  • Have a fabulous Halloween!

  • I have to tell you that the image of a "Prada Peanut" has been in my mind ever since your post on the outfit you wore. I think Prada ought to sell peanuts. They would make a very chic and tasty snack.
    Happy weekend!xo

  • Looking forward to your Prada peanut post, as well as, your thoughts on motherhood, manners
    and fashion.
    And BTW more importantly that this is a "emoticon-free zone" :0 ooops

  • Have a lovely weekend and Happy Halloween LPC.

  • Not until I read this post did I realize I was lacking in a Prada cardi, let alone one that was peanut colored in nature. I love learning.

    All the best,

  • Stephanie – Thank you!

    Muffy – Hope you are getting some rest.

    Tabitha – You would look fabulous in this.

    Mater – I am not sure if Prada actually calls it peanut or whether I was intoxicated and made it up.

    A-Dubs – Hope you're having a good one.

    A Farmer's Wife – Feel free to use it with elan.

    SSG – You betcha.

  • Hostess – Thank you.

    Donna – Adventures are A Very Good Thing, IMO.

    Vintage – LIttle Friday. I like that.

    Miss Whistle – The feeling is mutual.

    Mette – Well, you're right. It's mostly about a Prada dress. The cardigan came along for the ride.

    Blighty – Thank you. It's been a doozy but I have high hopes for a return to regular.

    Semi – Thanks:).

  • Henley – Thank you so much.

    lauren – I fear I am mostly the person to whom it has been given.

    Beth – Thank you.

    La Belette – OK so now I am imagining Planter's Mr. Peanut. In my cardigan.

    BarbaraG – Well, I will keep my posts free of emoticons, but comments, well, comments are different, you know? ;) ;) nudge nudge.

    Susan – Thank you Susan. You too.

    Dana – I didn't know I needed one until very very recently:).