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The Elusive Fuller Skirt, From Shabby Apple

My search for a fuller skirt landed me at Prada, in San Francisco. This was perhaps a little over the top. As it turns out, one does not have to go all the way to Prada for that 1950’s look. Deja Pseu has been featuring some styles available for Spring here. And today, as our […]

Is There Wisdom, Or, Saturday Morning at 7:41am, EST

This morning I’m sitting on my daughter’s sofa in New Jersey. It’s a very nice day, and I can see blue sky out the window. I’ve been thinking about wisdom. And I rather wonder what it is. Some young women have said to me, in passing, in comments, “You are wise.” Let’s argue their case, […]

How To Smell Good On Fridays

A while back, I bought a bottle of perfume. Rose Oud, by Kilian. As it turns out, I quite like the stuff, and wear it most days. As I was finishing up at the Sak’s perfume counter, the saleswoman began loading me with samples of other By Kilian perfumes. Glass tube after glass tube. Which […]

Some Funds Towards Whatever Your Heart Desires, from CSN Stores

And on to more prizes. The giving of presents is one of the ways High WASPs, ordinarily quite averse to visible abundance, indulge without remorse. When we were little, 4 kids in the family meant presents in heaps and mounds around a sparkly tree. Speaking of which, some present-intensive holidays are just around the corner. […]

The Preppy Princess Furnishes A Classic Table

As the Princess herself would say, hello-hello! While High WASPs may venture into fashionable territory when they shop for clothes, at home they are, well, at home. Which means a return to the classic, the striped, the navy blue. Along with navy’s dear friends, brick red, burnt yellow, and hunter green. We particularly like cloth […]

The Privilege[d] Housewarming Party

Ding-dong! Knock, knock! Oh, hello! So nice to see you. Let me take your coat and throw it on one of the kids’ beds. Don’t worry. They’re on the other side of the country. They won’t mind. Time for some housewarming presents. At this party, the presents are for you, my guests. We will be […]

In Which We Appreciate Our Surroundings

Well. Hello everyone. Here we are. If you’re on the blog itself, look around! If you’re in a feedreader, I invite you to come take a peek. So now what? Well, the rest of this week will be devoted to presents. That’s right, presents for you all as thanks for reading. A housewarming party from […]

The Time Comes For More Beautiful, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:00am

The time has come. My blog redesign is ready to see the light of day. The next time Privilege has anything to say, it will come from a far more beautiful space. I would love it if you continue to find us, read us, talk to us. I say us because while clearly I’m the […]

What Matters Most About Manners?

It appears there’s some confusion about manners. Not only do people debate what are or are not “Good Manners,” they do so imprecisely. I cannot bear imprecise arguments. When one fails to define one’s terms, passionate discussions lead directly into a boggy swamp of opinions. No one advances beyond their own reactions. Let us then […]

What Shoes To Wear On An Airplane?

Note. These can be found at Nordstrom’s site. As I will be flying East in a week or two, I have to plan not only what I will wear during my visit, but also my airplane garb. I’m very much the Sturdy Gal in transit. Grandes Dames have their pashmina throws, Artsy Cousins meditate so […]

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