Extravagance, Economy, Endorphins With Privilege On A Femme D’un Certain Age

Good morning. Do you have your coffee? Tea? Wonderful. Today I invite you to join me chez Tish, she who writes the wonderful blog, A Femme d’Un Certain Age. I have a guest post there, the Privilege[d] Gift Guide, in which we discuss luxury, both imagined and real. It’s a list of what we might want were money no object, and what, in the world of fading family fortunes, can serve the same purpose. Please come visit. Merci mille fois, as Tish herself might say.

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  • Great post over on Femme’s blog!

  • Great Guest Post!!

  • Wonderful post. Isn’t Tish the best? She has yet again displayed her excellent taste by having you guest post.

  • Hey! I commented your post on A Femme d’Un Certain Age. Delightful as usual; thank you. Yes, I do still think of the luxury items that would be so nice to have, but in reality I am thankful for my loving family and my good health and fortune. That’s the best luxury really, isn’t it? And the endorphins – well, I commented on those on your guest post. I adore that post! Merry, Merry! Xoxo

  • Yes, my Chere, merci mille fois. You were/are brilliant as usual.


  • I like your ideas about luxury–especially art, which can have the added attraction of being original. When I place my Christmas book order for others, I always add an art book for me.

  • Fantastic and fantastically written.

    You always surprise me with your wit and your words.

    I pay 10.00 for 30 Xanax, how much does a jet cost?

    xo jane

  • I will definitely click over today. I’d love to see your ideas.

  • Jen – Thank you so much.

    Blayne – Thank you!

    James – Tish is the best. And thank you so much.

    Preppy 101 – Thank you for commenting! Good health and fortune cannot be under-appreciated.

    Tish – xox

    Town and Country – Good strategy. Thank you.

    Jane – Ha! xox

    Stephanie – Thank you very much.