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So Many People Launching, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:05am EST

I’m sitting at a table in a hotel ballroom, drinking tea from a too-small cup by the light of a logo-rich slide. The Lavish! conference so far has been data-intensive, exciting, daunting, and plush. I am struck most of all by just how many people there are in the world. And how many of them […]

What Do Your Work Clothes Say When You Take Them To Dinner?

What should one wear to dinner in Manhattan? Especially when coming straight from the office? Ah. This is a moment with potential for communication or miscommunication, riddled by cultural and emotional signs. As it turns out, you can wear the same basic work uniform over and over, each time intimating something completely different. Take dinner […]

The Important Questions

I have a question. If it’s December, and it is, as the lone leaf and wintry sky below should prove, why is my rose bush doing this? I find myself both mystified and hopeful.

Discovering Artists: Jamie of Cactus & Quail

Nowadays art comes in many forms. Used to be we made a) art for kings and gods b) art for farmers and hunters. Art for kings hung in churches and palaces, often coming to rest finally in museums. Art for the rest of us we wove into our home textiles and painted on our pottery. […]

You Sturdy Huh, Or Saturday Morning at 8:04am

The way we look in the world is a matter of belief and intent. We can, if we want, determine our style. But we’ve got to take command. Otherwise the world looks us over, sees our disarray, makes an assessment, and hands us a card. Which we’re stuck with, for much longer than makes any […]

The Privilege[d] Guide To Manhattan – Professional Edition

One month you storm Manhattan on an adventure, sleeping in boutique hotels, waking to wander the streets of Soho. Next time you might visit friends and family, camping out on a living room sofa. But sometimes, of course, you have to work. How to make the most of business travel? The top trick to compensate […]

The Lavish! Unconference

And this is where I will be the weekend after next. Ta da! First blogging conference for Privilege. I realize, belatedly, that it would have been polite to make this announcement when I might have said, “Do come!” Unfortunately, the conference is now sold out. Fortunately, The Broke Socialite, who has put the the event […]

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