A Review Of The Mansion On Peachtree

A few weeks ago, for the Lavish! Unconference, I stayed at the Atlanta-based Mansion on Peachtree. It’s a Rosewood Hotel, which is a nice group of luxury hotels. And the Mansion was very nice.

One feels, upon entering, that one is visiting a very large private house. Where the host is thrilled to have you stay, albeit not for free. The hotel has a small lobby. broken up into a series of rooms. In December, the lobby is decorated for Christmas, a fire in the fireplace, wreaths all around.

Entry Lounge Of The Mansion On Peachtree

The rooms at the Mansion are also very nice. The bed is big and has so much pillowing one can get lost, not to emerge for a few days. Several people reported sleeping through some early sessions.

The bathrooms have glass-enclosed showers with two shower heads, one above, one to hand. I like a complex shower. The bathtubs are built-in, and enormous. The sinks, dual. The counters, granite. Or marble. Some luxury rock or other. It doesn’t matter. Smooth, black, and other neutrals. Innumerable big delicious towels.

I had a facial in the spa, named, somewhat oddly, 29 Spa. Services are less expensive in Atlanta than here in the San Francisco Bay Area. And Lavish! got us a 20% discount. Hooyah. I splurged on a 90 minute facial which was so lovely that I a) fell asleep b) woke plump and hydrated as a boneless, skinless chicken breast, ready for the red carpet.

The restaurant at the Mansion is not a big, bustling place. But for breakfast alone, before a conference, perfect. Meeting fellow bloggers for lunch or tea, perfect.

Restaurant at the Mansion on Peachtree

Overall, The Mansion is probably one small notch below a Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, or St. Regis, in terms of fancy facilities. But to my way of thinking, more important than granite or decorations or teapots, is service. And the Mansion excels. Not one person ever ignored me or failed to speak to me kindly. More than that, not one worker ever showed up in a service shell, fake, irritated, brusque or overly talkative. They kept their human side with them. Stayed people, and treated me like another of the species.

All of which is to say, go you, Mansion on Peachtree. And to the Privilege[d] readers, should you happen to visit Atlanta, the Mansion’s recommended.

*No compensation was received for this post. Although the cost differential between California and Atlanta, combined with the Lavish! group rate, made me feel like I was getting all sorts of things for free.

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  • Looks lovely!! Love a good hotel recommendation. Don’t know if I’ll ever get to Atlanta but will keep it in the files.

  • What a beautiful hotel – the pillows are calling my name! Haha! Thank you!

  • It sounds lovely. I think no matter where you stay, a comfortable bed and good service are key.

  • A nice comfy bed and friendly good service is hard to beat. The facial sounds marvelous! XX

  • The service? Partly due to “luxury hotel” status, and partly due to being in the South. That kind of service is one of the things I miss the most up here in Ohio, where everyone treats you like you’re a nuisance.

  • Unfortunately, most of my travel involves conferences at larger chain hotels of the Hyatt/Westin/Marriott variety. While I have had few complaints about the room or facilities or staff, the mega-hotels have a more difficult time with personalized service.

    I do always look forward to one conference held in a historic hotel. Even before the recent renovation, I always felt personally welcomed.

  • It sounds fabulously lovely and indulgent. Good, cheerful, service is always a treat.

  • i really enjoyed my stay there as well – very comfortable, friendly, and luxe-y. great review.

  • Looks very elegant and reminds me a bit of The Mayflower Park Hotel in Seattle.
    I love a great bathroom when travelling.

    The 90 minute facial is time enough to relax and calm the body and the brain.
    I have never fallen asleep but neared the edge of the precipice on several occasions.

    Good to know that you are Red carpet ready…

  • Oh that looks like a beautiful hotel? It reminds me of a private house version of Claridge’s.

  • The most fancy pants accomodations are nothing without good service – glad you enjoyed your stay.

    What’s with everyone calling Atlanta, The ATL, all of a sudden? Or has it always been that way, and I’ve just been too uncool to take note?

  • One of the things I miss most about having my dad around (other than, you know, having my dad around) is meeting him at his hotel chain of choice, the Four Seasons. We could hang out by the pool and have burgers. We could hang out in the restaurant and have eggs. We could hang out in the room and watch Judge Judy and—well, just hang out.

    They are lovely hotels with fine appointments and furnishings, but as he always said, the reason REALLY frequent travelers stay there (over more luxe boutiques and trendy hotels) is the service. It provides for, you will excuse the reference, a zipless stay. Which is what the REALLY frequent traveler wants even more than the other zipless thing.

  • Sounds lovely! That bed appears truly comfortable and I ADORE a large deep tub. Heaven!

  • I’ve not stayed there (since I live in Atlanta) so thanks for the information. I love the Four Seasons and am also partial to the concierge floor at the Fairmont. As my husband says…there’s nothing I like better than feeling special!

  • That looks amazing!

  • I love hotels like that. If I’m ever in Atlanta, I’ll have to check it out. :)

  • I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Atlanta! I’ve never been to this hotel despite living in Atlanta, but it may be worth checking out for lunch or dinner with my friends.

    x M.

  • Beautiful hotel, understated elegance!
    I used to travel to Atlanta at least twice a year…dang recession!


  • I love when a hotel feels like someone’s well appointed home. Luxury and coziness, you can’t beat that! It looks marvelous. I’ve never visited Atlanta, but I’ll try to remember your suggestion if and when I ever do!


  • Sounds fine. Oh, a large bathroom and a soft bed, divine,

  • It looks lovely.
    I love Atlanta!
    I used to be a facialist and I would always tell people a facial is more relaxing than a massage.

  • This is close enough to me to make the perfect weekend away. Thanks for so many great photos, too.

  • I wish I could live in a hotel like Eloise.

  • The place looks wonderful!Lovely pictures. I almost got relaxed just by looking at them:-)

  • Oh, fancy schmancy! The last time I was in Atlanta on business, I stayed across the street from the Mansion at the W Hotel. Next time I’m staying at the Mansion.

  • I’m with Wendy! All ready to go live in a hotel for a few days, and this one looks mighty nice!

    Sending you a smile Miss Privilege,

  • thanks for the review. i love it when you get a review from someone that you can count on! it sounds and looks like a fab place to stay. i hope your facial was wonderful too. falling asleep during one is the best compliment to the esthetician.


  • Lisa I have heard that it is really a treat to go for even a weekend! You have certainly confirmed that! Your facial sounds fabulous!

    Art by Karena

  • Lisa –

    I loved reading your review on your stay in Atlanta, especially since I came from the Hotel industry. Thanks for the update !! You write so well I feel like I can picture myself staying there on my next visit to Atlanta. Have a great day –


  • Quintessence – Thanks!

    Candy – They called mine too:).

    Stephanie – And the service really made me happy.

    Lori – It was one of the best facials ever.

    Jan – Is that right? I just haven’t spent enough time in the South. It was lovely.

  • DocP – Oh I know. The mega-hotels start to blur into one another. The worst part is when you are in a city like Paris, and you can’t tell it from Cleveland.

    Mardel – Definitely indulgent.

    Mel – Thank you!

    Hostess – Oh, good, thanks for the recommendation should I ever go back up to Seattle.

    Tabitha – And for a recommendation for London, too. Is Claridge’s your favorite there?

  • Patsy – Good question. When people say they are coming to SFO, I always say in my heard, why do you want to visit our airport? With the ATL, I believe that nomenclature came out of hip hop, but we don’t really have much of a hip hop culture in SF.

    Colleen – Ah, that sounds wonderful, hanging out with your father like that. The reference is completely excused, because I know what you mean. You also don’t want to have it shoved in your face that you are in a hotel, for business, again.

    Muffy – Oh the tub was good all right.

    Mom on the Run – if you like feeling special, I would recommend their spa.

    Jen – :).

  • Michelle – I’d hang out at the bar, don’t know if I’d do lunch with friends there.Too sedate. I’d spa with friends though:).

    Lenore – Dang recession indeed!

    Hill House – It was the coziness that was most notable, I think, you are right.

    Metscan – The bathtub. The separate shower. The rainforest shower head:).

    ms Givens – Yes, I would agree with you about facials vs. massages.

  • Town and Country – I do think it’d make a good weekend away. You’d want to eat out, but for a weekend away you want to try the food of the town anyway. The bar plays music at night, so that’s kind of romantic. And you could slip down to the spa…

    WendyB – I always envied Eloise her impunity. Her complete lack of fear. And living in a hotel wasn’t so bad either.

    somewhinewithme – Thank you! Glad to be of service.

    Belle – Yes. You’d appreciate it. And they give great locksafe service:).

    TPP – We’ll meet someday in a fancy hotel!

  • Janet – You’re very welcome. Glad to hear it was a compliment to her – I felt kind of badly, as though I hadn’t appreciated it and it was so good!

    Karena – Thank you. It was exactly that, a treat.

    Lori – I’d love to hear your thoughts on how some places manage to give you great service and others don’t. Seriously.

  • Look like a blast. Maybe I will check it out when visiting family. <3