LPC Is At Already Pretty Today

Today I am over at Already Pretty. Sally asked a group of bloggers to discuss the entire spectrum of work wear. I am discussing and demonstrating clothing for a traditional, conservative, work environment, especially in industries populated primarily by men. You will also find K-Line, Une Femme, and the Asian Cajuns, among others. The article is diverse, thorough, fun, and full of pictures. Come take a look, if you would be so kind.

If you’ve arrived here via Sal’s kindness, welcome. It’s my privilege to have you here.

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  • Perfect. No more need be said, except that, as a professional with shoulder length hair, I’d love to see what you do to the back of your hair.

  • Lisa, You look wonderful! A credit to Sturdy Gals everywhere!

  • You look great! Your suit is impeccable and you wear it perfectly. The slightly wider leg on the pant is lovely.

    I no longer work, but I still have a few well tailored suits for occasions when I’m not precisely sure what to wear. These are not usually business events, but situations which require a certain degree of conservatism and polish. Living in the northeast, I also like pants in the winter for comfort – no fussing with boots and tights – or the dreaded bare leg in winter.

  • That column, and particularly your part in it, have come at just the right time for me, as I’ve just applied for a position with some managerial responsibility in a 99% male technical organization. In the event that I get an interview, I’ve chosen a navy wool jacket, black skirt, and white silk tee. Thank you for helping confirm that my instincts aren’t off! (Though I haven’t decided whether to wear pearls, as you suggest, or my silk Lloyd Wright-stained-glass print scarf–the position does require a bit of an eye for color and design.)

    Do dress boots pass muster, though, for those of us in colder, muckier climates? If slim, black, good leather, and low-heeled, that is. Right now there are eight inches of snow on the ground and ice and slush everywhere, and I expect it to persist for quite a while yet…

  • You look as I would like to look, were I working. I LOVE your style.
    I wonder one thing: I am very short (5’2, or 1.58mts) and I have been told that if I wear flats I can become rather invisible and that this is not good power-wise. Do you agree?

  • I gave away all my pantsuits after realizing I never wore them but the photo of you in that post makes me think I was too hasty. You have made that suit a vehicle for personal expression — it looks exactly like what you should be wearing, not because it’s the corporate dress code, but because you wear it so very well. And while the other ladies look quite lovely, the authority and polish you project in that suit is tremendous and it’s something that they don’t have. You look amazing.

  • Dear Lisa,
    You look powerful yet feminine.
    I love the dignified and luxuries Lisa brand.
    Your advise on semiotics of clothes is priceless. Thank you

  • Brava! Just love your photo and the suit! It’s beauty is in flowing (but not too loose) cut and its quality. Inspiration for women who aspire to senior levels. Despite the prevalence of jeans and business casual, this is the assured polish one needs for the boardroom, and yet you do not look like a “corbot”!

  • perfect. My own preferred work look is quite similar. I tend toward more artsy earrings on regular work days, but for important meetings, your outfit is exactly what I would wear.

    Lest anyone argue these things don’t matter, a local defendant was given probation rather than jail time. The judge’s comment was that she was remorseful, respectful and dressed appropriately in court. Yes – he actually commented on her clothing. May none of us ever be in this position – but it does matter.

  • lisa!

    this is wonderful. thank you. alas, i think my hair is too long for work (4″ below shoulder).


  • Love the photo of you in your gray suit with your glasses. You may be a sturdy gal, but look quite lovely and chic in that photo. I do “get” your preference for flats. Your whole ensemble as photographed is just perfect.

    I would love seeing you in a low bun. If you ever do that with your hair, please show us.

    In fact, a whole post on hair styles would be fun.

  • Wow! I would definitely not mess with Lisa. Wow! That’s a strong look, in the sense of tough. I see myself sitting across the conference table, you on the other side and I “forget” what I wanted to say. Because I don’t want to mess with you.

    I love the haircut on the stock exchange pass. It is so US in a sense I really like!

  • Power to the pantsuit! I’m a huge fan of flats too – what do you think of sleeveless tailored jackets?

  • Great post Lisa. I wear flats at work. I think work foot wear must be practical, comfortable and stylish. Flats tick all the boxes.

    Plus, although I work in an office type environment, if I am out and about in our country town I come across a multitude of walking surfaces (grass, gravel, uneven footpath etc). I just look silly picking my way along in high heels. At least in flats I can walk with a bit of elegance.

    Thank you!

  • On my way, but not without my own little workwear tip: men’s cologne. I never wear perfume in an office. Cheers!

  • Love the big pearls…and you look powerful in that grey suit.
    I’d certainly respect you in the workplace.

  • wowsa. what a great photo. you def look like you mean business but also have a softness to you. honestly i don’t care what you are wearing you are really, really beautiful. yay for us +50’s!!!!!!!!!!



  • So wonderful to have a look at the full length of you. Your comments were most sound for the question that prompted them.

  • You were great at AP. The point about the shoes was well taken.

    I did wonder about the sleeve length on that jacket. I usually have mine altered to hit at the wrist or even slightly shorter so it’s not flopping around when I’m writing or typing.

  • Fantastic! I, too, work in a male-dominated industry so your input is very, very welcome.

    And I quite agree about flats. For a very long time I wore 3″ heels with nearly everything, but man! does it feel good to have my feet, as you say, firmly planted on the ground.

    I am not tall – 5’4 if I stand very straight – but it helps to behave as though I were.

  • I like your business outfit best. The eyeglasses, the tied back hair. But, the shoes. Are you wearing stockings at all? I´d wear some heel, even just a bit. It would add an extra + of femininity, especially when you walk..
    All the same, happy to see you finally!

  • I too like your business outfit best. And I like the meticulous way you dissect the meaning and rationale behind it. Yours is one of the only (few) blog posts about what to wear to work that has looked familiar and reasonable to me, but then again I worked in a male-dominated tech field in the corporate end of things. I would say however, that when I left that field, the same clothes stood me very well as a medical practice manager, although i took greater liberties with the accessories. This has lead me to conclude that too many women underestimate the power of clothing in expressing authority and yes, power.

  • First of all- you looked great in all the pics! Three cheers for good genetics and taking lots of care of one’s self. Secondly- loved every bit of advice (per the norm) and am eagerly awaiting the day your Dress for Success manual comes out. I will be first in line to get it autographed :)

    Also- thanks for the sweet take on the quote yesterday- and for keeping my chin up, always :)



  • I’ll head right on over to take a gander! I haven’t had a proper office job in sooo long it will be interesting to see what the rest of the world is up to…

  • You look SENSATIONAL. Completely chic.

  • Katherine – Good point. I did not have hair this length in my later working days, only when young. I tended to clip it back. I am spending some time now trying to sort out a hair strategy now.

    Valentine – Thank you!

    Patricia – Thank you. I liked the wider leg too, precisely to differentiate a bit.

    Staircase – I am fine with boots under pants, but I wouldn’t wear them with a dress to the kinds of jobs I’ve had. Good luck with the job application. The scarf might be a good signal.

    Marcela – Thank you! I am 5′ 51/2″, not tall, but not quite short. I don’t think heels are necessary at your height, but it really depends on how you feel yourself. If you do wear heels, I’d make sure they are quite chunky, if you want the same general feel as I have.

    Dorothea – Oh thank you so much. One of the biggest tasks of corporate careers is leaning to project what they call executive stature. I had to work at it.

    10:57 am
    Marcela said...

    Thank you very much for your answer! I prefer flats, so I’ll stick to them. Thanks again!

  • Russian Chic – Accurate semiotics is my absolute highest goal. Dignified luxury is up there too:). Thank you so much.

    Duchesse – Thank you! And exactly, becoming a “corbot” doesn’t help the career after the first year or two.

    DocP – Thank you. I am not surprised.

    wool – I am honored you like it. Hair that length might do well kept back for meetings, with higher ups and clients. On the other hand, once you are at a certain level, it could become your signature. Your subversive icon. Everyone needs one. Mine, I think, was wearing teeshirts.

    Susan – Thank you very much. I am working on hair styles. Of course, I have to figure the new one out:).

    Paula – Aw. I was never tough so much as very, very rational. Very results-oriented, and somewhat impatient.

  • That’s Not My Age – I think sleeveless jackets are just annoying shirts:).

    A Farmer’s Wife – There are good flats out there these days. Someone is thinking about the real life we lead:).

    Shari – Men’s cologne is lovely.

    Hostess – Thank you. As I would respect you in yours:).

    Gardener’s Cottage – Over 50 For The Win!

    Terri – Thank you.

  • RoseAG – Yes. You caught the one issue with that suit. The sleeves are a bit too long. I wear it when I’m meeting with clients, and unlikely to be putting in long stints at the computer. Even now, were I in a high-volume meeting job, I’d probably shortern the sleeves.

    Marieanne – It absolutely helps to behave as though you are tall, and standing without any wobble helped me always.

    metscan – No stockings. This is California, and we are OK with bare feet/legs. In fact, I wear the flats precisely to eliminate femininity when I walk:).

    Mardel – I was just always clear, in my job, that my power and effectiveness matter infinitely more to me than opportunities for fashion or self-expression in my clothing.

    QBS – Thank you! You chin deserves to stay up.

    Jody – I hope you enjoyed the article!

    Miss Janey – Thank you ever so much:).

  • Oh, Lisa, now I feel like I know you so much better. You are completely spot-on with everything you said.
    And, I mean everything. Younger women should have this duplicated and posted on their mirrors, as from what I see in real life most of them don’t have much of a clue & dress too young or too casual for a professional environment. I applaud your post!

  • taking some notes now ;)

  • Ok, I forbid you to use the term sturdy gal anymore. You look like a size 2 or 4 in that photo! Love the outfit. Every inch of it!

  • Hi again! My comment on pearls at Sal’s blog somehow did not get approved or got lost, so I come back to your blog. You mentioned pearls, I wonder if you ever heard of the brand Honora? They sell sweetwater pearls. I once saw this ad in the magazine that caught my eye (yes, that’s what ads are for)- baroque denim is the name of the style, irregulary shaped, blue pearls.

    They are not cheap but very affordable. Did you ever get your hands on Honora pearls? Would you recommend buying them? I am no big internet-shopper, so I am happy to read your opinion in case you know the brand. Thank you!