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In Praise Of Silly, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:15am

I’m a fan of the serious. Life is short. It’s important to pay attention, to consider, and having considered, to feel gratitude. On the other hand, do not underestimate silly. It’s possible that laughter is our closest encounter with immortality. Second to all things related to carrying on the species, of course. But oh, the […]

A Catalog Of Stuff From Grandmama’s House

I recently was asked to show you all of the artifacts from my grandmother’s house in one fell swoop. The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow suggested it might be helpful to see all this stuff in one place. Good idea. High WASPs revere order, packing lists, and following direction. It’s not a collection, this. Little […]

And The Revolution Wore Shorts

Here’s an idea. What piece of women’s clothing, native to the Western world, has undergone revolutionary change in our lifetime? Shorts. Yes, shorts. Of course, they are trumped, globally, by the veil and the burkha. And, of course, all clothing plays a secondary role to various forms of bindings and pokings of holes, in oppressing […]

How To Treat Colorphobia – Take One Peach And Call Me In The Morning

Some of us just don’t do well with color. Too daunting. But, you know, life is short. We think to ourselves, perhaps we do not want to look up, 20 years later, to find that we’ve spent our days in black. Dark black, greyed black, marled black. With hints of gray, khaki, and navy blue […]

LPC Is At Already Pretty Today

Today I am over at Already Pretty. Sally asked a group of bloggers to discuss the entire spectrum of work wear. I am discussing and demonstrating clothing for a traditional, conservative, work environment, especially in industries populated primarily by men. You will also find K-Line, Une Femme, and the Asian Cajuns, among others. The article […]

Was It Because I Labored Without Drugs, Or, Saturday Morning at 9:56am

Haven’t we all seen so many photos of snow and ice this winter? To say nothing of you, enmired in the real thing? Here in Northern California we’ve had spring weather, or at least spring-mimicking. But both my kids are in New Jersey. I look at this webcam. Then I call my kids, one or […]

A Hunka Burning Valentine’s Love

I’ve been around for many a Valentine’s Day. I tend to remember them more for the Valentines I made, whether poorly or well, more than anything received. And I don’t really mind if the day comes and goes with only a, “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!” I suppose if distance separates, roses are nice. Lots of […]

Advice From My Mom On How To Write A Wedding Invitation Dress Code

If what to wear to a wedding is one of the most asked questions of social dressing, what can you, the bride, or you, the bride’s mother, do to help find an answer? Let us consider. As in any analysis, one most understand the first principle. And the first principle of etiquette is to make […]

Will You Wear A Tailed Jacket In 2011?

It’s quite possible that you’re going to wind up in a long-tailed jacket this year. Why, you may wonder? Well let’s consider. The Four Factors Leading Us Toward A Long Tail 1. Michael Jackson, AKA The King of Pop We were besieged by images of Mr. Jackson upon his unfortunate demise. Those band-leader/military jackets imprinted, […]

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