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A Review Of The St. Regis, Washington D.C.

I recently spent 3 nights in Washington D.C. I stayed at the St. Regis, which is a member of the Starwood Group, and therefore redeemable for points. Very helpful in the world of fading family fortunes. The lobby is just gorgeous. Wood paneling, gilt, and flower arrangements.  I would have brought my bedding down and […]

Home In Earthquake Country, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:25am

Oh it’s good to be home. I loved D.C. and hope to return. I enjoyed my fancy hotel with mosaic bathrooms. But it is, as everyone knows, good to be home. Specifically, I can drink my tea from large mugs, rather than lovely, but picayune, teacups The milk in my refrigerator is 1%, not 2%, […]

Clearly I Was Misinformed About D.C.

I leave Washington D.C. today. It’s raining. The weather for our two days, however, has been very nice for early March. And the trip, wonderful. There aren’t too many things I regret, in my career as a mother. But clearly I should have brought my children here. What was I thinking? If you have children, […]

The 11 Sneaky Tricks Of A High WASP Diet

How, you might wonder, do High WASP women keep their weight where they want it? For it’s true that we tend more often to the slender. Of course, that renders us prone to shriveling in our later years, but there you go. Let me say that I understand and have lived the difficult and unfair […]

Will Grownups Be Wearing Party Pants This Year?

When I was very young little girls still wore party pants. In those days the term meant ruffled underwear. We would don our dresses, often red, with sashes, smocking, white collars, and puffed sleeves piped in satin. Little Mary Janes on our feet. Nothing sparkled. But our underwear, ah, the underwear was ruffled and puffy. […]

Off To The District Of Columbia, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:06am

Last week I found out that my best friend, who lives in Belgium, would be coming to the US for a week. First she’s visiting her daughter in Massachusetts, then coming to Washington, D.C. with two of her boys. This week I decided to fly out to D.C. for a visit. I’ll be there next […]

Guest Post From My Father, Or Professor C. Discusses The Age of Innocence: Wharton and Scorsese

When I posted about navy blue Oscar dresses, Ann asked me, quite politely, whether High WASPs should be discussing such silliness. And the answer is, “Of course not.” We are supposed to write about matters of intellect and refinement. Lucky for you all, my family knows when I need help. Herewith a post my from […]

Giving Up Blonde, Or, Old Lady Hair Redux

I’ve been blonde most of my life. For the first 30 years, blonde by virtue of genetics. Then I darkened and grayed a bit on the way to 40. When I turned 44, a few years after having rejoined the full-time workforce, I cut my hair short and got it dyed for the first time. […]

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