A Review Of The St. Regis, Washington D.C.

I recently spent 3 nights in Washington D.C. I stayed at the St. Regis, which is a member of the Starwood Group, and therefore redeemable for points. Very helpful in the world of fading family fortunes.

The lobby is just gorgeous. Wood paneling, gilt, and flower arrangements.  I would have brought my bedding down and slept on the sofa but I suspected the staff might look askance. Not that they weren’t terribly helpful, otherwise. The front desk, the bellmen, the maids, and especially the concierge, all gave wonderfully friendly and dignified service.

I do love a good chandelier. But I suppose this one might have kept me up all night. And besides, I had no complaints about the room or its appointments. They said this was a bed but I was prepared to nominate it to the Oblivion Hall Of Fame.

Just for good measure, another  chandelier.

And mosaic tiled bathroom. A plus, that.

In fact, the only issues I had with the St. Regis were all of the genus Breakfast. Teacups too small. Too long a wait for said teacups. Uninspired omelettes. On the other hand, the space was wonderful for the meeting of people. And there I met Maggie from The Freckled Citizen. She had seen on Twitter that I’d be in D.C. and said, “Let’s get together!” I wasn’t sure it would work out, as I had to see what my friend’s schedule looked like, and that depended in large part on the whims of teenage boys. But as it turned out, I was free Thursday morning and Maggie made the superhuman effort to get up early and come say hello. She works in public policy, and very nicely let me natter on about my D.C. euphoria.

She’s a good cook too, but we didn’t have time to talk food Another day. I am waiting impatiently for the right moment to try her Egg Pasta with Chestnuts, Pancetta, and Sage.

Finally, the St. Regis is blessed with a location, on 16th and K Street, that makes it the perfect starting point for 2 days touring central D.C. An endeavor, by the way, I endorse 100%, and go on about at length, here.


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  • The St. Regis is quite lovely, isn’t it? I especially enjoy the tv screens behind the mirror in the bathrooms!

  • Beautiful – that bathroom alone would be worth the stay!

  • Impressive!

  • Looks quite lovely…especially the shower, which reminds me of the local spa shower that I occasionally go to for treatments.

    The bed for the Oblivion Hall of Fame sounds divine!

  • I’ve never really forgiven the St. Regis for re-designing their bar. It used to have lovely wing chairs that enveloped you and portraits of former presidents were hung around the room. It was just a lovely, old-school atmosphere. (The new bar is fine …. but how many hip bars with low long banquettes does a city really need?) Sigh.

  • A Starwood with brown bedding? Color me astonished.

    That ceiling is absolutely gorgeous.

  • That is a primo location Miss Privilege, it looks quite elegant. And we are quite the fans of points. having some familiarity with “days of waning family fortunes”, that is how we acquired the iPad!

    May you enjoy a stellar week!

  • A gracious respite for you! One of my favourite stays ever was at the (original) NYC location, involving a sweet room full of chintz, one chicken salad sandwich and a pitcher of margaritas.

    Stawood have built the brand aggressively. I’m not sure I like that, since I imagine the one offs have more character- but this looks wonderful.

  • I LOVE STARWOOD HOTELS!!!! I always stay at the W Lakeside in Chicago when I visit. When I’m there, I never really feel like I’m in a “hotel” (years traveling for busines, too many hotels). The appointments are always lovely, the beds are always immensely sleepable, and the staff are always kind. Ah, yes, the W and dinner at Pegasus in Greektown. Heavy sigh.

  • I do love the occasional stay in a gorgeous hotel. You feel so pampered

  • the st. regis is a lovely hotel and just a hop, skip, and
    a jump from the white house.

    they should give you more star points for the endorse-

  • It looks lovely! There’s one right around the corner from where I live {the site of the CEO blowout celebration for the AIG bailout} and it’s gone through a few hands since then, but somehow is still beautiful and a nice place to meet up for a drink. They definitely are doing something right with their decor/design.

    xo Mary Jo

  • St Regis in SF is brilliant too. I love those white chairs – they look very Mad Men chic.

  • I am glad you enjoyed your time in DC, one of my favorite cities. The hotel sounds and looks luxurious and location is perfect. Thank you for the introduction to the Freckled Citizen. She’s great!

  • I’ve always wanted to bed done in fancy hotel lobbies too! Those plush soft furnishings and carpets.

    I’m a St Regis fan. Only been to the one in Singapore and that was spectacularly restive. My highlights were the Frank Gehry fish in the lobby and the superior chocolates at turn down and the personal butlers who delivered your coffee of choice each day. Oh, that’s more than one favourite thing…

    Hope you’re well.

    SSG xxx

  • Hello to California, and thank you for the kind words! It was delightful meeting you in person, and I like to think you might be back in my neck of the woods before too much longer. I, of course, would be happy visiting your part of the world as early as tomorrow. Actually, make that yesterday.

  • Such a beautiful hotel! I’ve been wanting to plan a trip to D.C. with my husband for some time. Perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to enjoy the St. Regis when we finally make to trip!

  • the tiled bathroom alone looks worth the stay!

  • The problem with wonderful hotels is the overwhelming temptation to never leave the hotel!

  • OOO, my favorite is the shower! What beautiful tile!

  • “Uninspired omelettes” gives me a great image of omelettes moping around, suffering from writer’s block.

  • Olivia – Those made me laugh!

    Jen – It was so comfortable.

    metscan – Maybe some day you will come to the USA.

    Hostess – It did kind of look like a spa shower decor.

    Alex – I can imagine. The new design is very much in line with the SF St. Regis. But what a shame to concede the old style.

  • jj – Well, it was kind of cream:). With tan trim. It was so, so comfortable.

    TPP – Now that’s a concept. Point for gadgets. Hmmm.

    Duchesse – I find the different St. Regis hotels are quite different from one another. And of all, I’ve never been to the one in New York to stay. Only to drink in the bar:).

    Lara – Oh good! I needed a good place in Chicago to have in my back pocket. I hope that sigh is at least half happy.

    chicatanyage – Agreed.

  • lea Helmerich – Ha! I guess I should have noted that, yet again, nothing was received:).

    mary jo – Yes, the one in SF is truly gorgeous.

    Jody – Don’t you love the murals in the bar? And Willie Brown, holding court?

    Susan – So glad you like Maggie. She is great.

    SSG – Frank Gehry fish sound wonderful.

  • Maggie – Oh, you’re welcome any time. Although if you come out in say, July, it’ll be perfect respite from the D.C. summer.

    Princess Freckles – It is fit for a Princess:).

    Terri – Yes.

    DocP – I know! Not even leave the bed! The last night I had room service dinner:).

    Lori – It was wonderful.

    WendyB – Now I know how you come up with your jewelry:).

  • I have stayed three times at this hotel..son goes to college in DC and I would pretty much agree..gorgeous hotel, fabulous facade in a historic building but service leaves something to be desired and we had to change rooms twice on my last visit. That lobby however could rival just about any other grand hotel and overall its a pretty swanky place to spend the night…..definitely prefer it over the Ritz or Four Seasons….the food agreed, could use some improvement:-)

    8:17 am
    Lisa said...

    I had good service, except in the dining room. So sorry you had to change rooms. What a pain in the neck.

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