Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring Festivals

Easter and Passover Plantings

I’m not one for door wreaths, except at Christmas. Evergreens tied with red plaid bows, and a discreet juniper berry here and there.

That said, for a change of season, or significant holiday, I replant my front pots. For spring this year, and Easter, I thought yellow. I felt yellow. Yellow it was.

I need new gardening gloves. But one can make do quite happily, engaged in planting. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring Festivals all over the world. Have a wonderful weekend, when it arrives.

Image: me
Previous plantings, Labor Day,, Fourth of July,

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  • 04/21/11
    6:48 am


    the gardeners cottage said...

    hi lisa,

    i’m so loving yellow right now too. happy easter and have a wonderful weekend.


  • 04/21/11
    7:21 am


    Karena said...

    Lisa interesting that you said that. I haven’t had anything on my door since the Christmas holidays. Time for bright flowers though!

    Happy Holiday!

    Art by Karena

  • 04/21/11
    7:27 am


    Worthy said...

    LOVE the yellow! so cheerful!!

  • 04/21/11
    7:40 am


    Laura said...

    Happy Easter, Passover & Spring to you too!
    Love the planters!

  • 04/21/11
    7:50 am


    hostessofthehumblebungalow said...

    Happy Easter Lisa,

    I spy with my little eye, a yellow glove!

    It is gardening weather here too!
    I buy my gloves in multiples, as I am like a guerilla gardener!

    Yellow = Happy in my book too.


  • 04/21/11
    7:52 am


    Patsy said...

    Hoppy Spring!

    I have a gardener friend who swears by latex surgical gloves for gardening. She spends about 20+ hours a week in her garden and she says they keep her hands moist – apparently the soil is quite drying to the skin.

  • 04/21/11
    8:17 am


    LISA H. said...

    Oh..I love it. Just beautiful!

  • 04/21/11
    8:42 am


    Ms. Bunny said...

    Oh they are beautiful. I can’t wait until we have greenery and flowers here.

  • 04/21/11
    9:03 am


    Tabitha said...

    Oh how uplifting. I have planned nothing at all for Easter Sunday, I had better get my skates on.

  • 04/21/11
    9:50 am


    belle de ville said...

    Yes, Happy Easter/Passover.

  • 04/21/11
    10:05 am


    Stephanie said...

    Yellow seems just right! hope you have a wonderful, Happy Easter!

  • 04/21/11
    10:37 am


    Jen said...

    Beautiful planters – great way to welcome spring! I planted yellow and purple pansies in the planters on the front porch. So cheerful. Happy Easter!

  • 04/21/11
    11:10 am


    metscan said...

    I too wish you a peaceful and relaxing Easter. Your pots look so summery and artistic!!

  • 04/21/11
    11:17 am


    Susan Tiner said...

    Happy Easter Lisa! Your pots look lovely.

  • 04/21/11
    12:03 pm


    The Preppy Princess said...

    The notion of a planter on the porch is just bliss, it looks beautiful in that image. (Very artsy Miss Privilege!)

    Happy sentiments of the season back to you, have a wonderful weekend.

  • 04/21/11
    1:02 pm


    Ida said...

    Happy Easter love the yellow Pansies they have such sweet faces.Ida

  • 04/21/11
    1:43 pm


    Jane said...

    I just came home from work and was considering a nap…but you have inspired me.

    Off to the garden.

    Happy Easter.

  • 04/21/11
    2:25 pm


    Ali said...

    Always a tonic spying newly filled pots and fresh green sprouts in the garden and yard.

    Atlas garden gloves.
    My gardening satisfaction is measured by how many pair I can wear out in a season. Buy them in 5 pr. paks.
    You will like them, alot.

    Happiest Spring!

  • 04/21/11
    2:36 pm


    Nellie Bragg said...

    Thank you, Lisa, for the good wishes! We celebrate Easter here, but this week-end we will also be celebrating birthdays – mine, DD#1, and DH! Once we are finished with Easter service, egg hunts, etc., it’s down to the presents.:-)

    Your flowers are lovely! I finally got around to setting out that rose I wanted last season.:-)

    Have a blessed week-end!

  • 04/21/11
    9:11 pm


    A Farmer's Wife said...

    Happy Easter to you too Lisa.


  • 04/21/11
    10:25 pm


    Terri said...

    oh, it is beautiful. Happy Easter to you.

  • 04/22/11
    11:26 am


    mary jo said...

    Love the yellow! Good work! Wishing you a very satisfying and relaxing weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  • 04/22/11
    7:54 pm


    Jessica said...

    The yellow is just the perfect touch of sun needed this time of year…at least here in the NW anyway where spring has decided that it’s going to show up around summer this year!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend and happy planting!!
    xo J~

  • 04/23/11
    12:53 am


    Cate Subrosa said...

    Happy Easter, Lisa.

    This post made me feel peaceful. I wish the same to you.

  • 04/23/11
    5:34 am


    Reggie Darling said...

    I was mad for yellow earlier this spring. We forced masses of forsythia in a large urn on our DR table for a party, it was breathtaking. And I don’t actually like forsythia all that much!

  • 04/23/11
    6:33 am


    BarbaraG said...

    Springtime wishes for a Happy Easter.

  • 04/26/11
    10:11 am


    Christina Lindsay said...

    Beautiful! I must get to the garden centre. My garden is in desperate need of some colour xx

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