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Professor C. Discusses The House of Mirth, Also Flame Wars

As promised, the second in a series, “Professor C.’s Wharton Web Seminars.” In which we discover how literary criticism and flame wars intersect. Before watching the film of Edith Wharton’s “House of Mirth,” directed by Terence Davies, with Gillian Anderson as Lily Bart and Eric Stolz as Lawrence Selden, I stumbled on an internet war. […]

The Evolving Self, Dot Com

Last week I bought some fairly inexpensive shoes online. The purchase experience was one of the best ever. It still makes me smile to think about. Why? What was so wonderful? One lazy afternoon, I was sitting on my sofa, reading fashion magazines. Otherwise known as looking-at-pictures-of-stuff-I-don’t-want or things-I-want-but-can’t-find-or-afford. Then I saw this ad in […]

The ‘Privilege’ Reader Survey Results

Well hello everyone. Back from my break. It was lovely and I missed you. Some asked to review the reader survey results. Of course. Except for that one embarrassing question about finances. Never mind advertisers and book publishers. We are far too well-mannered to let anyone’s financial situation color our feelings about who or what […]

Vintage Shoe Giveaway Winners

Congratulations! Marsanne, the Anne Kleins are yours. Laura, I hope you enjoy the Ferragamos. Email me with your addresses and I will ship them off next week. Thank you all for taking my survey. I will report back the week of April 11th. If you all don’t mind, I will share some of your heart’s […]

In Which Privilege Reports To The Board

Time for the Privilege Annual Report to the Board. Old corporate habits die hard. Although I seem to have retired from software, or at least to have taken a very long leave, I am still inclined to report status to my managers. That would be you. Remember, corporate speak is the best way ever invented […]

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