Three Little Things For Friday

Hello everyone. We’ve had a short week in the USA. Sometimes those can be the hardest. Take heart, it’s Friday. I have three little things to tell you.

  1. A Queen of West Coast Artsy, Audi at Fashion for Nerds, posted this to round out our Artsy Cousin tutorial this week. Thank you, Audi. In all truthfulness, Audi goes beyond Artsy to Art, as she’s a designer herself and the expertise at proportion and color shows through our trademark San Francisco quirk.
  2. The Sartorialist posted a photo Wednesday in which the woman wears shoes not dissimilar to the ones we’re giving away. Take a look. See what I mean?
  3. The winner of said shoes will be chosen on Tuesday. Feel free to enter.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope whoever is having Northern California’s usual weather enjoys themselves. Meanwhile we will try to count ourselves lucky for the rain, and reduced sprinkler usage. One can always find a bright side.

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  • I think Audi fits right in! And, I still want to win those shoes. xx’s

  • The caftan she’s wearing with those shooties, just so cool! And one doesn’t have to be 22 to wear it, but it does take confidence.

  • Have a wonderful weekend!

  • I’m afraid I have your weather – it is sunny, mild and gorgeous here. It really makes up for the long, cold, gray, snowy winter and drab, rainy spring we’ve had so far.

    Have a lovely Friday, Lisa.

  • I am loving the design of your blog! How are you?

  • Wonderful and I would still love to win!! Will check your links!! Thanks so much Lisa.

    Come and enter my amazing $250 Giveaway from Tracy Porter!

    Art by Karena

  • Gloomy in SF but my new sod appreciates it. We have time trials and 3 little leagues games and two birthday parties scheduled so some cancellations would also be appreciated.

  • Have a lovely weekend in my favourite part of the world.

  • So much fun going on here at your place, will check out all these links. Very gloomy and grey here in Oakland.

  • I think the Sartorialists shoe-gal could be an Artsy Cousin herself.

  • We have just finished the wettest May on record, so I feel your rain. :)

    Happy weekend back at you,

  • Audi’s the perfect Artsy Cousin…could there be a better one?! Thanks for the link to her blog…I’m a new fan!
    xo J~

  • I’m not so sure I’m a Queen of artsy, but thanks for the compliment! I’d settle for being a Baroness.