LPC Is At Blueprint 4 Style Today, Talking Luxury Without Logos

Today I am over at Blueprint 4 Style. I met Monica Barnett at the Lavish! Conference, and have been wanting to work with her ever since. The post is on luxury goods without logos. Please visit, if you’re so inclined.

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  • I will be right over Lisa!

    Art by Karena

  • Very wise counsel.

  • When I was a Lacoste-crazed co-ed my dad would shake his head, and say, “I hope someone is paying you to wear that. Why are you advertising for for a company you have no affiliation with? And why for free?” He has some pretty nice stuff, but no logos.

  • Stuart Weitzman shoes are my favorites. No one can beat their comfort.

  • Just going on over…x

  • Ooohh, love Pringle! A friend of my Dad’s was affiliated with them while we were growing up. My mother, who treated her clothing with respect, still has a bunch. I do not.

  • I checked the blog. Although the brands mentioned, carry no visible logos ( ? ), they still are well known for at least those, who are alert on the fashion side. Most of the mentioned, manufacture products are expensive. By not favoring visible expensive brands, we are doing the same for luxury goods without visible logos.