Happy 4th of July

It’s the 4th of July, and the United States of America celebrates its national holiday. This morning, tea in a travel mug, I planted our flag colors, red, white, and blue. Left a little yellow for the rainbow. On Labor Day last year my little planter looked like this, in spring this year like this, and last 4th of July like this. Reggie Darling has the Urns of Darlington. Here in the little California ranch we put out some planters and scrabble around with Dr. Earth’s Rose and Flower fertlizer and a trowel or two.

Sandra Jonas at Recreating Eden gave me the idea to plant a gardenia, writing about her southern garden, “I follow *Margaret Moseley’s advice and have a Gardenia planted every 25 feet or so where conditions allow…the fragrance will permeate the entire garden.” This little guy will live next to my front door, alongside the watering can that has taken up permanent residence on the stoop. Always plan for forgetfulness in midlife, and make it difficult to neglect the things you love.

Happy 4th to all. Onward, as Mr. Morris wrote, always in search of a more perfect union.

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  • What a great line: “make it difficult to neglect the things you love”
    Queasy as I am about nationalism, I wish you a Happy 4th — I’m certain your patriotism, as reflected in your planters, is the very best variety.

  • Happy 4th Lisa! I am sure you will love your ‘Little guy’ The fragrance is intoxicating.

    BTW your container is a bit small if you plan on keeping the Gardenia in the pot. It will need a larger pot in the fall.

    ALWAYS keep a watering can FULL near your plants. Its a given,…. when you are in a terrible hurry…your plants will need a drink!

    So good to know you found something of use on my blog. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Happy 4th, Lisa! There are few things in life that bring as much satisfaction as a freshly planted color pot.

  • “always plan for a little forgetfulness in midlife” that could be my new mantra!
    Your morning sounds perfect Lisa…I hope that you have a Happy 4th of July.

  • As I have a totally brown thumb, I leave the outdoor “designing” to my husband. I do, however, appreciate the visuals and i love your little planters’ nod to the fourth. Wishing you a happy holiday!!

  • Happy 4th of July, Lisa! American Independence and America’s Constitution inspired the south american revolutions of independence and, for that, I am grateful. May you always be out of many, one.

  • Wishing you all the best for this 4th of July!

  • happy 4th lisa.

    now i want a little guy. and i’m with you too about forgetfulness. sometimes i find myself literally walking in circles trying to remember just what is was that i was about to do. i have gloves and prunes situated everywhere outside. your pots look darling!


  • I love your holiday planting tradition–enjoy your Fourth!

  • Happy 4th Lisa xx

  • Gardenias are heavenly! Beautiful garden- Happy 4th of July! XO Candy

  • Lisa wishing you a very Happy July 4th. Ida

  • Wishing you joy today. Gardenia is my favourite flower of all.

  • My mother is from the south so we always had gardenias growing around our house and the smell always brings back childhood memories. I’ve got a few growing but they haven’t done well. Wishing you much better luck with yours–I think you will love it.

    xo Mary Jo

  • It looks lovely – and I adore gardenia!

  • Your pots look lovely Lisa, and yes, it’s a good idea to keep the watering can near by. I love the idea of planting a gardenia — need to find a good spot.

  • I have a gardenia that’s about 15+ years old, a cutting from my parents’ plant that is 45+ years old. I transplant it every few years when I think it’s getting root-bound. It’s blooming now, and NOTHING smells as wonderful as a gardenia!

  • My friend has three huge gardenia shrubs along the walkway from the garage to the front door of her home. Every Wednesday night, we have our troupe practice in her garage and I always snatch a flower as I walk past on the way out. The plants are nearly always full of blooms. Heaven!

  • I grow gardenias in Old testament Conditions and rejoice when they flower.

    Happy 4th of July Lisa x

  • thanks for your sweet comment! I sure did enjoy everything about my birthday this year :)

  • On my wedding, I wore a gardenia in my hair and they were in my bouquet too.
    I love the heady scent. They truly are a stunning specimen and they look great with navy, my bridesmaids work navy silk taffeta. (nearly 24 years ago)
    Happy week to you.

  • Hope that you had a wonderful fourth of July!!

  • Gardenias, yes please! Don’t you just love it. I imagine you enjoying a cup of coffee sitting on your doorstep in the morning whilst taking in the fragrance. It is simple moments like this that can be the most satisfying. I think I am going to do the same thing…gardenia’s will go onto my shopping list too!

    Best wishes LPC…for a lovely weekend!

    Jeanne xxx

  • Gardenias, the headiest of scented flowers. And you can pluck one to put in your braided hair, or pin to your jacket. Lucky that you can grow them in your garden.

  • We have gardenias planted under our windows in the backyard so when they bloom in the summer and the windows are open the fragrance floats into the bedroom at night, the kitchen and the family room.
    I love everything about them.

  • I hope your break is as refreshing as your cup of tea and as lovely as your flora and fauna.

  • Hi!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. Just one suggestion on Gardenias I got from Nick Staddon, Botanist for Monrovia. If you are in California, choose grafted Gardenias for best performance and least frustration. California has certain soil nematodes that eat most Gardenia root systems for lunch (as well as breakfast and dinner), so a good variety grafted onto a nematode-resistant species rootstock is the way to go. (Not an advert at all for Monrovia, this is from my own experience as well).

    Enjoying your website! –Hoov