LPC is at Trust Your Style

Today I am at Trust Your Style for Mary Jo Matsumoto’s Eye on Style feature. You all know Mary Jo from her refined couture line, reviewed previously here. You may also have seen the inimitable Tabitha of Bourbon and Pearls on last week’s Eye on Style. I am there discussing, um, style, in the outfit I wore to my son’s graduation, and wrote about here, originally.

Please visit, here, if you are so inclined, and have a wonderful weekend.

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  • Great post at Trust Your Style. Seeing the first photo of you made me realize that we have the same hair! Color, cut, and length.

    I love the fact that you were wearing a Chanel jacket you purchased in the 90s. And, your comment about the trophy wives dressed in coral made me laugh.

  • That’s a great post! I love those photos, and note that you’re hair is looking absolutely fabulous. Bravo!

  • Great post and I too love your hair. As an alternative to the jeans ( I love your outfit BTW) – I’d like to see you in a more skinny jean to the ankle, especially with ballet flats. It would be a nice balance. I like the Ginger jeans too, and the whole outfit is great. And, most importantly, you look happy and carefree – nothing makes a woman more beautiful than that!

  • Thanks for dropping by and being today’s guest Lisa. These are some of my favorite photos ever for this series.

    xo Mary Jo

  • Great photos, and I love the combination of the serious with the casual laughter. Your hair looks fabulous.

  • I forgot to say that, looking at those photos, you probably made the coral-clad trophy wives nervous. Good for you. They make me nervous too.

  • Love Mary Jo and I remember what a fabulous “style” piece you wrote for Tish when we were discussing bedroom fashion. Hopping over now!!

  • You look amazing! Two thumbs up on the hair.

  • That photo triptych is just the thing. Laughter takes coral and game!

  • You look amazing. Beautiful hair, no wonder you stopped coloring it.

    I think you have just knocked my socks off, yep just checked….I’m barefoot. And you’re a beauty.

    xo Jane

  • Don’t let those hoochie-coochie-mama trophy wives get to you. You’re fabulous and have great style and taste.

  • I also had a a wow moment when I saw your hair, it’s just stunning.

  • How nice to have discovered your lovely blog!

  • Susan – Thank you. And if you have hair tips, please pass them along. I was blonded for 10 years, and layered for the past 5, so this is all new to me.

    Mater – Thank you! A project supported by this community, and therefore easier to undertake.

    Kathy – Thank you! I have never worn a pair of skinny jeans. I tried them on, once. They fit, but the proportions on my long torso, shorter-legged self made me crabby and I never tried it again.

    Mary Jo – It was my deep and happy privilege.

    Mardel – Ha! And my guess is, life being life, they probably were going through their own issues I was too self-focused to notice. Still, I am so glad to have company.

    Quintessence – Thank you. Hope you enjoyed it

  • Une femme – Thank you. I will forge ahead.

    Laura – We work with what we’ve got!

    flwjane – Aw. So nice. Your comment made me imagine you barefoot amongst flowers, water on the floor. Thank you.

    Julie – Hahahahahahaha. Thank you!

    Tabitha – Thank you oh gorgeous-tressed one.

    Saretta – Very nice to meet you too.

  • Loved the post and love your hair!!!
    xo J~

  • Dear Lady,
    How happy and well you look.
    Must confess Chanel jacket is fabulously chic in a European way;-)

  • Wonderful outfit! Fabulous interview: it was so nice to know you a bit more personally.