Because Summer Dresses Are A Universal Right

When I posted, here, about patterns for our plus-size High WASP contingent, some readers wrote in to point out I’d neglected to offer any pieces for the apple-shaped. “Well, that’s no good,”  I thought.

Next, I remembered that I’d reached out to Cathy at Austin Slave to Fashion for plus size ideas. She gave me good ones. I forgot to use them. No good. No good at all.

So here’s a little remediation.

First, if you’re in the hunt for a smart, well-spoken, warm blogger who covers tasteful plus-size fashion, wander your way on over to Austin Slave of Fashion, here. I particularly like her interview, here.

Second, for you apples, a few dresses from the sources Cathy provided originally.

From La Grande Dame, for, bien sûr, the Grande Dame. If  Ms. Missoni and Mr. Pucci won’t knit her a dress, she’ll take this silk number from Anna Scholz, damn it. Cursing allowed after the second scotch. $299, on sale. Apples order up a size.

From eShakti, for the Artsy Cousin. She’ll wear a collar when Grandmama visits, but may insist on spiderweb leggings underneath. We never know with that one. $95.

And from Lucie Lu, for the Sturdy Gal, a little black dress. She knows she needs one, and she never can resist a good flower detail. $58.

There. Much better. And Cathy, thank you very much. Midlife gives good reason for forgetfulness, none whatsoever for rudeness. Thank you.

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  • Those are really nice options! I always find that my friends who are full figured find nice pieces at Nordstroms! xoxo

  • Lisa, I love the little Peter Pan collar dress. I would definitely wear this one. Big hugs, precious.

  • Wow… I don’t as a rule wear prints, but I love that Anna Scholz dress!

  • Lisa, Talbot’s has a good selection for women of substance!!

    Art by Karena

    Do come and enter my new Giveaway, a very special painting!

  • Ah-ha! I see you’ve partially answered my earlier query about High Wasps and swearing — not that scotch and plumbing repairs should really mix!

  • Lovely, and I and all the women folk in my family are that dastardly apple shape.
    Thank you for working on the ‘At Home’ wear, I want classic WASP wear and I am depending on you Lisa!

  • I have that Anna Scholz dress and agree with the recommendation to size up if an apple shape. It is a favorite. (Acutally, I love much of her White Label line.) You can also order directly from her website and all the spring/summer clothing is on sale right now.

  • I’m glad I could provides some helpful sites for fabulous dresses. It’s honor to be on this blog :)

  • That Artsy Cousin dress is simply wonderful! This Artsy Cousin may need to invest in it.

    11:44 am
    Emmaleigh504 said...

    “machine wash” *swoon*

  • I’m not plus, but at the very highest end of the misses’ range, 14-16. I would not choose the two empire-waisted dresses, too jeune fille for a woman 60+, and love the Pucci-esque number. Anna Scholz gets it right, too many designers with a plus line veer ‘cute’. Talbot’s sometimes have some good dresses in their Women’s line. Marina Rinaldi offer the same taste and discretion in as in the owner, MaxMara’s company.

  • Well I am more of a pear, but just wanted to say I loved the title of the post. Sundresses are the best. I pray for the few summer days in Holland where I can actually wear my extensive collection of dresses and rejoice when they finally come. Wearing a sundress is when I feel the most me, it is just so easy and happy and pretty. Used to live in Barcelona and Mexico, hence the collection, but now… what I need is a post on “How to look cute when dressing for the under 0ºC temeperatures.” I still haven´t got that figured out yet… I end up with sweaters over sweaters and it´s not so pretty.
    Also love the black dress with the white neck for the artsy cousin and the little cute black dress.

  • How the dickens did I miss this post yesterday??

    I’m not apple shaped (I have a cousin who once told me, as a teenager, that I was shaped like the Liberty Bell), but I like all of those dresses – particularly the Artsy Cousin one, oddly enough. The Grand Dame dress is too busy, and the Sturdy Gal dress is just a shade too frumpy, I think.

  • Outstanding choice in the first image. I love it. That is a year ’round sweetie. I think the second two are super cute. Thank you for sharing the websites as I will definitely return to them for a more leisurely perusal. I’d love to give a few of those frocks a test drive before the weather cools.

  • I’ve been buying dresses like mad of late, must be the weather. When it’s too hot to think about putting an ensemble together, it’s a joy to be able to throw on a dress and go. And you get that lovely column of color that is so flattering, too.

  • Cecilia – Thank you!

    Marsha – Artsy in every way:). Also nice.

    rb – I know, I don’t either, but it’s so graceful.

    Karena – So I have heard, thank you!

    mater – Hahahahaha. No. Although afterwards, some sort of of cocktail is necessary.

    Tabitha – Well we shall see what you think. I have a feeling that the topic is not yet exhausted.

    DocP – I saw your comment on the site! That’s where I got the recommendation, and your comment confirmed for me that I had chosen correctly:).

  • Cathy – The pleasure is all mine.

    Emmaleigh – Machine washable is the Sturdy Gal’s present for her Artsy Cousin:).

    Duchesse – I agree, the second two dresses don’t work so well for the over 45.

    Amanda – Well thank you! As for the cold, I found when I lived in New York that I simply needed an extremely warm top layer, so I could instantly go from warm enough to cool enough in overhead indoor environments.

    Jan – I think the more we spend following the creative pursuits of our hearts, the Artsier we Sturdy sorts can become. Now there’s a serious thought for us. Hmm.

    Sylvie – Thank you! Glad to be of use.

    Rubi – Yes, thank goodness for the column of color:).

  • Thank you thank you thank you… You have *no* idea how much you’ve helped me with this post. Thank you!