LPC Is At Corporette For Snap ‘Em Up Friday

And, in conclusion over at Corporette, a ~$20 cotton cable knit sweater at Old Navy. Apparently a staple in that store, with all sorts of colors available over time.

It’s been fun.

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  • 09/16/11
    7:47 am


    pve said...

    As always LPC, your picks always have an air of a luxury and I like that there are still affordable items. Wonderful weekend to you. Today is the first day that one actually needs a sweater.

  • 09/16/11
    3:39 pm


    Gablesgirl said...

    Have one in white from a few seasons back I have worn to death. It’s great to have in Miami over your shoulders in chilly summer air conditioning. Looks great over a Lilly.

  • 09/16/11
    3:57 pm


    RoseAG said...

    Gosh, all adult items are 20% off.

    Old Navy isn’t necessarily the greatest place in the world but they do some things just fine and if it falls apart you have a good excuse to go by something new.

  • 09/16/11
    8:14 pm


    mags said...

    WOW – a little rank and odor over at the peanut gallery, lol. That sweater is one of my favs, no matter the buck or two difference, the versatility can’t be beat!

  • 09/17/11
    8:40 am


    Englishvers said...

    Who doesn’t adore a happy jumper?;-)

  • 09/18/11
    5:51 am


    metscan said...

    Lisa, I bet you are glad that this week came to an end ; ? !

  • 09/19/11
    6:31 am


    HijabEng said...

    Oh Lisa, we’re gonna miss your posts on Corporette! Please visit often!

  • 10/08/11
    9:59 pm


    Gina said...

    A few years ago I’d have to pay someone for this infmortiaon.

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