LPC Is At Corporette

Today I am at Corporette. Kat’s blog suggests piece of workwear, and addresses career questions for women in traditional professions and industries. Monday is always “Splurge Monday.” If you are so inclined, take a look at this vintage Chanel dress, imagined for a woman at the top.

I will be at Corporette all week, and here at Privilege too, a couple of times. Good morning, all.

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  • 09/12/11
    9:21 am


    mary jo said...

    I will pop over and see you there. Also, I like your furry/happy post. I strangely had a similar sensation this weekend and all i did was buy a bag of coffee for the troops at Coffeebean, but it made me so happy…

    xo mary jo

  • 09/12/11
    10:30 am


    Allie said...

    Looking forward to reading you on Corporette this week and checking back here now that I have found this site!

  • 09/12/11
    8:12 pm


    Marsha @ Splenderosa said...

    I love your post over at Corporette. Wow, you have over 100 comments!! I’m back home, trying to get some pics of Alaska for all of you to see. Love….

  • 09/17/11
    8:38 am


    Englishvers said...

    I shall quite busy this weekend reading your corporette Posts;-)

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