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LPC Is At Corporette For Heavy Lifting Wednesday

Today I’m at Corporette for a pair of pants. Not quite a kingdom for some pants, perhaps, but a duchy. Oh I am amusing myself most shamefully. Happy Wednesday everyone.

LPC Is At Corporette For Sort Of Splurge Tuesday

Today, again, I am at Corporette. This time featuring a Tory Burch dress I bought recently. Regular readers of Privilege may be shocked at the colors. I have absolutely no explanation for what came over me, except that beauty has magical powers. See you on the other side.

When You Show Up Somewhere Dressed Exactly Like Your Sister

We know that as society loosens the bands of protocol, sorting out appropriate attire for ritual events becomes more difficult. For weddings, showers, corporate casual, and, yes, funerals, human societies are re-architecting the social dress code. But based, we might ask, on what? Unsurprisingly, a complex algorithm drives what we decide to wear. But how […]

LPC Is At Corporette

Today I am at Corporette. Kat’s blog suggests piece of workwear, and addresses career questions for women in traditional professions and industries. Monday is always “Splurge Monday.” If you are so inclined, take a look at this vintage Chanel dress, imagined for a woman at the top. I will be at Corporette all week, and […]

Little Furry Happy, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:31am

Yesterday Patricia van Essche, who goes by pve on her blog, suggested that this weekend we all focus on happy. I liked the idea, even sans temporary spiral tattoo. Been a little glum these past few days, autumn, son gone, this and that. So I woke up this morning to focus on happy. Prone to […]

Dressing Well Without Chanel; When Quiet Gets A Little Louder

Some of us are wary of color. We have closets like this. Some of us prefer classic clothing. We own 5 pairs of the exact same khakis. Let’s call a quorum of this Quiet Dressers Club and and discuss strategy for turning up the wardrobe volume. Not to worry. I’ve done my research. Imagine, if […]

“This Is To Be My Symphony”

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild at Saint-Jean-Cap- Ferrat, via Dash at the French Sampler A few weeks back, the lovely Marsha of Splenderosa invited me to take part in a blog party. In other words, a host of bloggers, to be found here, are posting today on this saying, “To live content with small means; to […]

How Suburban Prisoners Do Fashion Week

It’s Labor Day in the United States. But it’s also Fashion Week. I change the flowers on my front porch, for holidays. This year it seemed more appropriate to plant for color combinations than the sweat of my brow. I’ve been haunted by aubergine and pale blue for a while now. Just enough offset for […]

Piglet Grows A Beard, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:17am

And, just like that, my son has gone back to New Jersey. His sister picked him up and brought him to her apartment, my father is taking them both to the U.S. Open this weekend, his senior year starts soon. The boy is well taken care of. I will miss him anyway. By the time […]

Why Do High WASPs Eat Wheat Thins For Lunch?

via 6bittersweets At the top of the list of assumed WASP traits sits our presumed diet, replete with mayonnaise, gin, and all other forms of beige and clear foodstuffs. Go poke around your popular culture venue of choice, look up WASPs, and you’ll see. I’ll wait, you look. Done? Need help finding the kind of […]

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