Monthly Archives: November 2011

Mermaids Can Serve Cake, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:00am

Today Cara’s twins have their first birthday. Cara is one half of the wedding photographer duo, Lillian and Leonard. She also writes the blog Peonies and Polarbears. Last November she gave birth to twin girls, and, as she says, survived. Judging from her photos, the whole fall-on-the-floor-eyes-rolling-from-cuteness family did. I remember my daughter’s first birthday. […]

Can You Wear Khaki With Black?

One of my secret business casual tricks involves khaki and black. Now don’t get me wrong. Khaki loves white best. But when High WASPs crave just a little wickedness, we go to the dark side. Bringing khaki along for safety. In a minimalist palette like this, best to keep the details subtle but not strict. […]

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