What Earrings Does One Wear With A Hello Kitty Necklace?

High WASPs have always been a bit afeared of semi-precious stones. Amethysts were OK, set in faded 10K gold. And nice, big aquamarines, emerald-cut of course, have decorated our fingers and ears from time to time.

But I have to confess that watching Jewelry TV feels a little p*rnographic for me. Whenever they say Spessartite Garnet I suppress a titter. The purple prose dedicated to Tanzanite impresses me not.

Fortunately, there are times when sheer visual harmony trumps cultural biases. As well it might, or art would lose its power to save us all. Nothing so grand as soul-saving here, however. I just need some pink-stoned earrings, to go with Hello Kitty ’round the neck. Yes, the necklace above belongs to me. (And we could talk about the semiotics of Hello Kitty in the office, but today, it’s Thursday, we’re coasting, we won’t. Thank you for your forbearance.)

I’m usually quite fond of the rough-hewn, oh this old thing, I-just-pulled-it-out-of-a-rock look. I’m not sure these work with Kitty’s faceted bow, however, except the round pair on the upper left, which just might pick up Kitty’s circular silhouette well-enough to slip in.

Were the occasion full-time frivolity, I’d look for a pair of dangles. But colored dangles plus Ms. Kitty crosses that pesky line of Appropriate In The Office. Even if it’s an imaginary line only I can see. Or one we might think had been crossed by the necklace alone.

Since we’re talking work, I wanted to wear more structured stones, without giving up the concept of Matching. My culture likes things to match. I don’t know why.

The earrings on the left, from Beladora, really appealed, but it seems they appealed to their owner too, and were to be retrieved momentarily. Nice catch on her part.

You will notice that some of these stones are pink sapphires. Even the idea of a non-blue sapphire raises my mythical aunt’s mythical eyebrows. More unnervingly, some stones above are Tourmalines. Heaven forfend.

As a little girl I pored over my father’s large old volumes of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, fascinated most of all by the page on Gems. One wonders about their putative magical powers. Not to over-endow pink stones with meaning, per se, but old dogs, new tricks, all good. Mitigated by sparkles on occasion.

Little Rubies, via Catbird
Smaller Rubies, via Scosha
Pink Tourmalines, via Catbird

Pink Quartz, via Ross-Simons
Multi-Color Dangles, via Ross-Simon
Pink and Green Maine Tourmalines via Cross Jewelers

Ruby and Diamond, via Beladora – no longer available, these are similar and gorgeous.
Tourmaline Studs, via Blue Nile
Pink Tourmaline Trillions, via Amazon – no longer available

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  • I think the bottom round pair work the best (and I hate post earring!). Although the pink isn’t exactly the same pink as Miss Kitty, I think it’s in the same family so it works without being too matchy matchy (I’m Artsy Cousin after all).

    For myself, I would go with the rough round pain in my second earring hole and the top dangles for my first earring hole. (The rest of the holes have plain hoops.)

    This is a fun post!

  • If it were up to me I’d choose simple diamond studs or gold hoops…

  • Oh I like the round pair on the upper left, they are very Hello Kitty somehow.
    How delightful that you have this necklace, you are full of surprises!

  • For some reason, the left pair in the bottom row strike me as best with the necklace, even more so than the top left pair in the first group.

    My daughter would kill for that necklace, btw. Not because she’s a sparkly jewelry fan (no Grande Dame, she – not even a Sturdy Gal; she’s an Artsy Cousin all the way), but because she is enamored of all things Hello, Kitty.

  • Of the pink dangles, I really like the ones on the lower left. I would never have pictured you owning a hello kitty necklace :).

  • With what you have, the top left studs definitely.
    You have lots of jewelry. Yellow gold too.
    If you are a summer ( the blue hues in your clothes ), white gold would be an ideal choice for jewelry.

  • Such a sophisticated interpretation of Hello Kitty: I love it! Since it’s itself ornate and detailed, I’d match it with small, flat-sided gold hoops which echo the Hello Kitty whiskers. I think more pink would detract from the pink of the Hello Kitty bow, which is lovely on its own. I don’t think colored studs or colored dangles would work; it would leave too much going on, when the necklace itself is so detailed. If the plain hoop idea doesn’t appeal, I’d use tiny hoops with diamonds to match the Hello Kitty face outline, or small diamond studs about the size of a diamond in the face outline.

  • I would ask the little girl to whom you were going to give the necklace what she likes.

  • I LOVE the Hello Kitty necklace! I agree with Miss Hostess, diamond studs, but…I LOVE Catbird too, so…I would get these: https://catbirdnyc.com/shop/product.php?productid=18218.

    And some of their alphabet studs, but those would be for me.

  • The horror. Heh, heh, heh.

    I *love* the necklace, what a riotous piece! Besides (and you may know this) I have this weird & inexplicable fondness for Hello Kitty, distressing as that may be. If I were choosing, I would go for the earrings that are no longer available. Of course.

    BTW, I am feeling much better about the aquamarines & amethysts.

  • Personally, I would go with the pair on the top left. Or, simple diamond studs.

  • I would play it safe and wear either simple diamond studs or a gold ball stud. Neither would compete with the necklace.

  • I do love those pink and green tourmaline dangles. I wear dangles to the office, but with a little frisson of breaking those “appropriatenss” rules I was raised with.

    What about little plain gold hoops?

  • That is a shame the owner took her earrings back they are gorgeous. I’d go with some gold hoops. Looking forward to your Christmas prep posts x

  • I like them all!

    Probably I’d just stick with my small gold hoops.

  • I think I would just let kitty shine and be the star, and wear some diamond studs…she’s somewhat of a sweet diva you know?! ;)
    xo J~

  • What are you doing with a Hello Kitty necklace, or I should ask, what is *Kitty* doing with you? (Said in the tones of the Dowager Countess of Grantham in “Downton Abbey”.)

    Anyway, gold hoops, but not little ones; too prissy-missy. I’d say three inch, thin and airy.

  • Oh my – I thought I was the only almost-50 Hello Kitty fan! Nothing too creepy, just a couple of canvas purses, pins, and a throw. I say “no” to earrings. Your Hello Kitty necklace shines best alone!

  • No back story on said necklace? Who, what, when, where? Clearly why isn’t necessary.

    why not!

    xo Jane

  • I’m mad for the necklace. Hello Kitty. In gold.

  • You’ve chosen some beautiful earrings there (says this pink fan). With jewelry, I don’t care whether the stones are posh or not so long as they are pretty and the gold is gold. I bet that necklace makes you friends.

  • This is fun! I like any of the first three selections with the necklace. This would be even more fun if you told us the story behind the necklace.

  • Upper left. I wouldn’t wear dangles with the necklace under any circumstance. A small gold hoop would be nice too. Very interesting necklace and like others, would love the back story.

  • Love.

  • I vote for Team Gold Hoops. Kitty should make the sartorial statement solo with a quiet supporting cast otherwise it may read “middle school matchy-matchy” rather than “office grown-up playful”.

  • I second Jane’s inquiry.

    Love Hello Kitty! Adore the necklace.

  • Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment! It’s lovely to have the opportunity to pop by yours! OXO Natalie

  • I seem to remember from one of your earlier posts on “brutal pearls” – or job-interview recommendations – a pair of studs with little spikes you recommended to a daughter. I think I would wear something in the style, not too cutesy. The necklace in itself says you are unconventional I would not match it with too conventional jewellery. Otherwise small gold hoops matching Kitty’s proportions, or bezel-set studs.

  • That necklace has such personality – earrings, simple diamond, perhaps.

  • I’m with you. I love matchy matchy.

  • You need to do more posts on JEWELRY. Please. Because I love gold. And gold with sparkly rocks? Swoooonnnnnn.

  • Lisa, this is hilarious–where do I begin. Certainly I never thought I’d see the day when Hello Kitty ended up on your blog, but I like that it has. And it’s such an interesting point you raise about pink–what little girl doesn’t love it, I was obsessed with pink jewels as a little girl and of course was reprimanded sternly for my poor taste–to this day, I have a hiccup when it comes to pink stones, a complete aversion I never really thought about until I read your post. I love how you bring up all these nuances associated with taste.

    xo Mary Jo

  • Emmaleigh – I’d love to see you in full ear regalia:.

    Hostess – That’s what I do now. I think my gray hair is making me want pink.

    DaniBP – Hooray for surprises! And thanks for your advice, I find I align with your tastes quite well.

    Jan – Interesting. I need to read an academic treatise on The Kitty, I believe.

    Susan – :).

    Mette – I do have a lot of jewelry. It’s been a hobby of mine. And although you might think I’d look better in white gold, actually, it makes me look yellower.

  • Kcecelia – Oooh, flat sided hoops are a very nice idea.

    Christine – Ha! Nope. All mind.

    Patsy – Those ARE just beautiful.

    TPP – We’re in semi-precious recovery, my dear. And the role of Hello Kitty in the High WASP consciousness should be examined, by someone, somewhere:).

    Mona – Top left seems to be garnering a lot of votes! Thank you.

    Wendy – Maybe I’m pushing the limits here, thinking pink…

  • Deja Pseu – Flirting with appropriate is something that may vanish over the generations, you know? But it’s central to my culture for sure. I can see you in the pink and green dangles pretty easily:).

    Faux Fuchsia – No prep yet but I will try not to disappoint:).

    RoseAG – Oh probably I will too…

    Jessica – I know exactly what you mean!

    Duchesse – Dowager Countess would NOT approve, I am sure:).

    loopyloo – So happy to have company!

  • Jane – Ah, my best friend, on the occasion of my 50th birthday. It was what I wanted. That’s the why to deconstruct:).

    Fuji – Oh thank you! Insouciant is glorious.

    Mise – So far, only women and gay men have noticed the necklace. So, yes, very good friends. And pink is growing on me, late in life.

    Susan – It will take me some time to think through, but I’ll do it:).

    Kathy – OK. You got it.

    Arachna – <3.

  • beautifuldreamer – Very well articulated. Thank you.

    TB – Who knew HK had so many fans! I love this!

    Natalie – My pleasure. Thanks for visiting.

    Vivelavie – Interesting thought. Hello Kitty and spikes. Very interesting.

    Windy – Those are also really beautiful. I do love Scosha.

    Englishvers – Why thank you!

  • Pamela – Somehow pink seems to call for pink.

    HijabEng – Your wish is my command. Gold and sparkly jewels are my all time favorite…

    Mary Jo – Aren’t we glad we’ve grown up and dare to go pink and semi-precious? I am glad you approve of HK and her presence here:).

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