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Win A Giveaway, Host A Giveaway, And So The Blogosphere Turns

Did you all ever watch soap operas? I know there are very few left. For me it was All My Children. Began when I was 14, home with mononucleosis, picked back up during college, then again when I was home with my first born. And who doesn’t love that lugubrious soundbyte from Days of Our […]

A Sigh Of Relief At Quiet, Or, Saturday Morning at 8:53am

Ah. It’s quiet here. The first Saturday in some time that I’m alone in the house. Even though my tree  still has to be un-baubled, the garage de-lit, floors de-cluttered, it is so lovely to hear almost no sound other than the rattle of heating vents. Maybe an occasional appliance whirrs. I suppose I will […]

Towards A Broad Definition Of “One Of Us”

(November 18, 2013: Captain’s log. This is by far the most controversial piece I ever posted. Ironically, I meant to analyze my acculturated reactions and make clear that I wanted to broaden my understanding of “One Of Us.” Hence the title above. However, an extremely large minority of the readers took me to mean that […]

A Review Of The Four Seasons, Maui

The holidays are done. Kitchen counters and office desks reclaim us. What better time to daydream? How about a brief tour of luxury Aloha? Yes? OK then. We’ll start with a Garden View, and progress to, even better, an Ocean View. There she is, that vast palmed Pacific. The spot, by the way, is  the […]

Going Forward To A Fancy Restaurant With Friends

Let’s pretend we are going to eat lunch, New Year’s Day, with a group of women friends. Let’s make it extraordinary by pretending we’ll be in Paris, at the very fancy Le Pré Catelan. Finally, let that group of friends be the bloggers who participate in this endeavor. They have agreed that today we write […]

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